030714_love215-1Do I need to go to a temple to love God? Do I need to go to an arboretum to love nature? Do I need to go to a therapist to love myself? If my life is a dance, then love is already here, and I need go nowhere in particular to express my love.

When I awaken with loving feelings, and when I say “HI” to my family and friends with loving feelings, and when I look upon the world and everything in it with loving feelings, then temples and arboretums can be great places to visit, but not needed in order to give love.

There are a million and one different kinds of fear – fear of ill health, fear of death, fear of poverty, fear of old age, fear of failure, fear of success … and on and on. And, there’s only one kind of love. LOVE IS LOVE. And that One Love can immediately destroy the million and one different kinds of fear.

The world-voice surrounds us with fear – watch the evening news. Your original nature is surrounded with love – listen to your intuitive-self. You were born with a deep feeling of love – that’s why small children are so excited to be alive. It’s when you split from love that problems arise. And that’s because you create a false version of yourself in order to deal with fear – and it ain’t pretty.


It seems that everyone lives with two selves – the authentic self and the counterfeit self. Everyone knows how wonderful it feels to be real, to be authentic. Being real is the beginning of all useful knowledge for living happily. Unfortunately, we also know how nerve-wracking it can be to be a phony; to be phony in order to get approval; to be phony in order to look good; to be phony in order to get our way.

When we’re authentic – we’re intelligent. What wants you to be intelligent? LOVE! When the false-self takes you over, we make unintelligent choices. We choose to act in ways that stifle our growth and development. What wants you to make unintelligent choices? FEAR!

Every day - there comes your way, ordinary, unassuming gurus who point out, in loving ways, that your potential is incredible and that life is here to support you. These gurus come to help you to be yourself so you can live the wonderfully loving life that you once dreamt would come true. It still can come true. Just as a flower flourishes while basking in the warmth of sunshine – you flourish while basking in the warmth of love.

You, if you’re like most folks, are only using 3% of your potential right now. Did you know that every day, there comes your way, ordinary, unassuming gurus who urge you to access that other 97%? When you open your eyes to learning the lessons these everyday gurus offer - you open your mind to talents and skills that lie deep inside of you.


Now that you know that you don’t need to go to a temple or an arboretum or a therapist to express the love that you are, isn’t it exciting to be watchful for unassuming gurus, and pay attention to how they express their love? Love really is in the air. Love really is everywhere. Be alert; be watchful; open to the love in your heart.

You are deeply loved by life; it’s time to deeply love yourself. This kind of love is very different than what the ego will have you think love is about. It’s not about “me, me, me;” it’s about letting yourself just BE. Out of that beingness flows remarkably loving expressions.

Can you share a time when an everyday, ordinary, unassuming guru expressed love-of-life in front of you; when you lit up and felt fully alive with joy in that moment?

And Then I Met Margaret chronicles how these “everyday gurus” surround us and come into our lives when we need them most. As you read Rob’s inspiring stories of personal transformation you’ll gain a greater intuitive ability to:

Appreciate powerful insights that stream to you through “everyday teachers”
Destroy the limiting myths you’ve created about yourself
Recognize when opportunities to change and grow are being shown to you
Connect with ordinary people who have extraordinary messages for you
Understand that life always sends the right people to support your purpose


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