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Do facial exercises actually work? There are no scientific studies on facial exercises although there are some for stroke rehabilitation. While there are many devotees of facial exercises and facial yoga, I am one…the medical community especially dermatologists and plastic surgeons typically state that not only do they not work, they will also create wrinkles….I haven’t experienced this at all…There are many online sources of facial exercises and Youtube videos. Your best bet is to watch several and find ones that focus on your problem areas. After that, prepare to be patient. Like all natural healing methods it will take a commitment of time and effort to begin to reap results but you will experience cumulative effects after a while, I think 3 months is the minimum. I have also found that facial exercises, by increasing circulation to the skin, have a profoundly good effect on collagen and elastin production.

The exercises listed below are all fairly simple and straightforward, thus offering newcomers a solid starting point.

Nose Wiggle — Using the muscles in the rest of your face, wiggle your nose as far as you can from side to side. Wiggle for several seconds before moving on to the next exercise.
Eyebrow Lifts — Begin by raising your eyebrows as high as possible. Proceed to hold them in that position for 5-10 seconds. Repeat this process 5-10 times per session.
Mouth Stretch — Open your mouth as wide as you can. Maintain this position and simultaneously stick your tongue out as far as it will go. Hold position for several seconds and repeat accordingly.
Neck Workout — Find a comfortable place to sit and look straight up. Pucker your lips and push out as far as possible. This will also work your neck muscles. Stick your tongue out as far as it will go while still puckering your lips. Repeat.
Smile Push-Ups — Apply gentle pressure to your cheeks with the three middle fingers of each hand. While pushing down, smile as exaggeratedly as you can in order to engage your cheek muscles. You should be able to feel your cheeks press against your fingers. Repeat exercise 5-10 times per session.
Happy Duck — Form the shape of a letter “O” with your lips and push them outward, making a “duck face.” After pushing them out as far as possible, transform your lips into a big smile that pulls the lips back. Repeat several times during each exercise session.
Long Face — The goal of this exercise is to stretch your face out as long as possible. Begin by raising your eyebrows as high as they’ll go. Open your eyes as wide as you can and, at the same time, attempt to frown. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat as you see fit.

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