Do cell phones contribute to loss in male potency?

People are vastly uncertain about the idea.

Does a cell phone in my denims affect my fertility?

Results of a recently conducted study reveal that if men kept their cell phones in their pockets during daytime, potency was seriously affected in nearly 47% of cases!

And the stat is alarming.

If a man uses a cell phone for as little as an hour a day, it could result in lowering sperm levels significantly.

The study even shows that if the cell phone is close to the testicles, or within 1 or 2 feet of the body, it can lower sperm count to a level that conceiving could be difficult.

One of the basic ways of overcoming the problem is that if one wears a suit to work, he should put the mobile phone in his jacket pocket instead of trousers. So this would prevent the sperm count from dropping, or dropping too much!

Yet another important revealing from the study is that using a cell phone affects the fertility in just 11% of cases, but when the phone is close to testicles, fertility could be affected in as much as 47% of cases.

Let's quickly run through some of the key findings of the study. A team of doctors monitored over a 100 men who attended a fertility clinic for a year.

As per Professor Martha Dirnfeld from Technion University, the doctors analyzed the count of active swimming sperm and also the quality. Sperms showed some depreciation on these parameters.

The professor further explained that the underlying cause seemed to be heating of the sperm by the cell phone, and also the electromagnetic activity.

Results of the study reveal that some of the other actions which could be detrimental for sperm health are speaking on the phone while it was charging and keeping it only a few centimeters from the bed.

One could go through the findings of the study in the journal Reproductive BioMedicine. These form a very clear link between dropping fertility rates in men and use of cell phones.

Dropping fertility rates in men are critical in nearly 40% of cases wherein couples have a difficulty in conceiving.

In case of women, Professor Martha Dirnfield expressed that since women don't carry their mobile phones on them, there is a reason to believe that the phones won't affect their fertility.

However for men, not keeping the phone on the bedside table, and avoiding keeping it in shorts or pyjamas pockets could act as the first step towards rectification of the problem.

A discussion with experts in the field reveals that this is likely to be more of a problem when we take younger men into consideration. If a couple is trying to conceive and the problems persist for over a year, then this just might come across as an issue which might need to be looked into!

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