DIY Hacks for a successful packing

Moving is a task full of hustle and daunting. It is all about unfixing and packing all the furniture and essentials to move to the new place. You must be excited to settle in your new home until you start your packing procedure. While doing my home move process I have discovered many hacks to reduce the stress of moving. In order to shift all the stuff on the same day, you must start preparation early. In this article, we would introduce you to DIY hacks for successful packing.

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Start packing earlier:- In order to avoid the hustle, start your packing procedure at least two weeks before the moving day. Ensure to pack those essentials that you are not using on a regular basis. Like you can pack magazines, unused footwear, and unseasonable clothes, your jewelry and keep them aside in a safe place.

Use Space-saving Vacuum Bags:- There are numerous moving companies that charge their cost, per box. If you want to reduce the number of boxes and save your money, we must suggest you prefer vacuum bags. This will reduce the bulkiness of the clothes and blankets. But make sure you have to pack only those things that you are not using currently or don't need just after reaching your new home. You can wrap your unseasoned clothes, soft toys, bed sheets, pillows, and other bedding. You can put them into a box and keep them aside.

Use Press and Seal Wrap:- These seal wraps are very helpful for moving home, you can put your small items like spoons and folks into a box and cover them with the seal wrap. This way you will not lose your small kitchen essentials while moving. Also, you can cover salt and pepper shakers or any other product to avoid leakage.

Multi-tasking Packing:- Pack all your clothes and important documents in the suitcase and leave them. At the time of packing your laundry essentials and kitchen cleaning items, you can use a container and baskets, and place them cylindrically in the basket so that you can put a number of items in it.

Wrap Fragile Items in Towels or Rolled Clothing:- You can save your fragile items like perfume bottles, mirrors, wine bottles, lampshades, and electronic equipment that you think can be broken easily, by wrapping them into different towels or rolling clothes. That way you can maximize the space as well. This technique is like Killing two birds with one stone.

Label Cables and Hardware:- Once you start to disassemble your electronics make sure to fold their connecting wires properly and tie them with tape. In addition to this, label them with the item name so that you don’t have to be confused in the future.

Place Trash Bags Over Hanging Clothes:- Every homeowner owns big trash bags in their home to throw the garbage. But if you don’t have them you can easily buy them from the market. These bags are very useful for hanging clothes. You don’t need to drop clothes down and put them in a bag. This will save your time and save your clothes from the dirt and folding and unfolding procedure.

Number Boxes in Order of Priority:- At the time of packing make sure to fix the tagging on the boxes with the room name, item name, and direction to lift, this will help you in the future when you will reach your new home and start organizing your home. Also, this will help you to know what items you have packed or not.

Make Lifting Arrangements on Sides:- Lifting boxes from the floor is not easy. They can fall if you lift them from the downside and bending down, again and again, to pick up the boxes can be risky for your back. To avoid back pain or injury you can cut the boxes in a triangle shape in the direction of the downside. But make sure to fix the box properly from the bottom side with the tapping still to lift it carefully. You can use this technique with lightweight boxes like clothes, toys, cushions, bedsheets, etc.

Ask for help:- At the time of packing all this equipment, you can ask your friends and relatives for help. It can reduce your workload. Also, you can enjoy the packing time period while doing chit-chats and listening to music. Getting help from someone can reduce your burden and save you time. Give refreshments to the person who is helping you. You can greet them with a small treat or gift.

Use newspapers to avoid breakage:- In order to avoid breakage make sure to cover up all your photo frames, and antiques in cloth like a bed sheet or towel should be thick. After covering it with clothes, cover it with a newspaper and tape it well.

Pack food items for moving day:- On the time of moving your home all the items will be packed and you would not have the option of cooking or preparing food to eat. We would suggest you keep some packed food and drinking items like cold drinks and water bottles in advance.

Small essential items pouch for moving day:- The day of moving would be full of stress and puzzling. We would suggest you pack a small pouch of small useful items like a phone charger, headphones, screwdriver, first aid kit, etc. These items will be very useful for you in an emergency.

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