Many people think that being "single" is more difficult than getting married. If you want to get a divorce, you need a lot of information. For starters, a party can file for divorce in Michigan if they have lived in the state for 180 days or more. The party can sue in the neighborhood if it has lived there for ten days. Grand Rapids Divorce Attorneys at Van Den Heuvel Law Firm has extensive experience in all areas of divorce proceedings in many counties in Michigan.

You need a knowledgeable and active Divorce Lawyer In Grand Rapids to protect your interests and your family when you own a business, significant real estate, or other assets that can be difficult to share fairly.

Divorce is common in Michigan.

There are three ways to get divorced if you and your spouse are considering:

Divorce: Michigan is a place where people are not responsible for their actions. In Michigan, only a "marriage breakdown" is eligible for divorce. In other words, the court has the right to formally end the relationship between the parties, regardless of who did what to whom. However, the court can consider who is at fault concerning custody, property rights, and spousal support.

Separate maintenance: A separate maintenance is required. When filing for the first time, different family allowance applications look almost identical to divorce applications. When a judgment is rendered, the parties separate financially and financially, but they do not divorce their marital ties. Separate alimony is often used when a couple does not believe in divorce for religious reasons or when one of the spouses must continue to purchase the other's health insurance.

Cancellation: If one of the parties could not get married at the time of the marriage or if the marriage contract was forged, a formal annulment is pronounced. Cancellation can be granted for various reasons, including same-sex couples, inability to marry due to age or mental illness, etc. In Michigan, the cancellation is not based on the length of your marriage.

Consider these factors before you file for divorce.

There are a few things to consider during a divorce. Whether the divorce is uncontested (both spouses agree on everything) or contentious (both spouses disagree), several issues must first be clarified, including:

Parental leave, support and custody : It can be difficult for couples to agree on where their children will reside, who will make major life decisions, and how much parental leave is suitable.

Spousal Support: If you or your spouse needs child support, we can help you determine the amount to pay based on your specific situation.

Asset allocation: You need a lawyer to make sure you get a fair and equitable asset allocation agreement during your divorce, whether you have a small asset or a substantial asset, such as business or property.

Once you and your spouse agree to the divorce and resolve these issues, the process will be much faster if you have good legal counsel. However, if a peaceful solution is not possible, Howard Van Den Heuvel's divorce lawyers in Grand Rapids will stand up for you and your family.

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