What was once unimaginable beyond the fantasies of fiction, outside of the creatively scary blockbuster movies, soon became a real-life scenario that none were prepared for. As the powers that be spoon fed us the diagnosis day-by-day, so we could digest each bite, adapting to the ever changing circumstances; knowing what the end game would be, but not wanting to cause panic. We sat, panic stricken, wondering what would happen next?

As though by poetically divine design, we began to re-evaluate our priorities. We started to value our connections to others. We proceeded to make time for real conversations. Spend more time with our family and less time chasing money, career and status.

And we fostered a new respect for the environment as we witnessed our footprint shrink and our world rapidly repair. The healing of our souls and planet were simultaneous. The restoration of mankind was imminent and unstoppable.

Drawn to us through the positive focus and concentration of thought and desire to live in a better world than the one we inherited. The collective need to go back to a simpler time, when people cared for one another. A time in our past where people had compassion for one another. Where families ate together at the same table, at the same hour each day. Where conversation was real; not over text.

But we couldn’t get there without a divine intervention that would galvanize us, unite the whole world at the same time for one common goal. No war could achieve this, and apparently the fear of over-heating our planet was not enough to wake us up from the nightmare we were building.

There was only one way for the divine to captivate our attention. The fear and reality of an extinction level event. That was the moment the whole world woke up and realized it was time to re-align.

And we now know, you can’t have the rainbow without the storm. But after every storm, there is a rainbow.

We now have the opportunity to do things in a new way; more authentically. We can take advantage of this reset. Use it to co-create the world we desire and dream of. One full of love, friendship, compassion and fulfillment. One that we can proudly leave to our future generations.

This is the moment where we can let go of the old definitions of success, out-dated priorities, expired values, antiquated standards of living, and see the world with virgin eyes.

Imagine what could be?

Imagine this immense future that we now get to create together?

Instead of fear, we are allowed to have hope. Replace fear with the grand future. Reset, rebuild and reconstruct what we always knew we needed to, but felt too small to initiate it.

We are no longer too small, we are now the right size.

We’ve been gifted with the task of resetting the world. And be sure to know, this is not by accident. It wasn’t a mistake that this is happening on our watch. It is divinely designed for us to accomplish. We have been preparing for this for some time now.

This is why we were awakened first. This is why we developed our skills, habits and attitudes. So when the time came, we would be called into service. The time is here. The world is ready to reset. We must be in service of others and be the light they need to get through this.

We are the rainbow.

Author's Bio: 

W.T. Hamilton is the award winning author of the Harsh Truths- - and Co-author of the Your Invincible Power - - book series.