Get OUT of Bed BEFORE THE SUN, jog or power walk before breakfast, Eat three home-cooked meals interspersed with protein-and fiber-rich snacks—Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFA)

Go to the gym every day and renounce beer, Chinese takeout, dairy, carbonated beverages, GMO, and any food that's contain wheat, is breaded, battered, fried, or sweetened.

That's all there is to drop the excess weight: Your blueprint for superlative health. If that sounds doable and easy, you can stop reading now.

Still with me? Good. You're human. And you're busy. Chances are you've occasionally ordered greasy takeout while crunching a deadline, or wolfed down a candy bar as you rushed to a meeting. Real life interferes with healthy food plans—and maybe that's why a UCLA analysis of eight studies found that about 40 percent of people regain the weight or even exceed their pre-healthy food plan weight after 4 or more years. It's difficult to stick to a food plan that doesn’t fit or adapt to your life. Eat Right For Your Blood Type is the easiest and most adaptable food plan.

Your blood type determines your susceptibility to illness, which foods you need to eat for optimal health, and how best to exercise. It is a factor in your energy levels, in the efficiency with which you "burn" calories, and in your emotional response to stress.

Dr, D'Adamo’s Personalized Nutrition‎ is dedicated to helping you put the theories and discoveries of Dr. Peter D'Adamo into successful everyday practice. Dr. D’Adamo’s philosophy is based on his research and his commitment to producing the finest quality educational products and supplements that are specifically tailored to each individual.

Dr. D'Adamo's research with blood types takes the science of genetics one step further, by stating unequivocally that every human being is utterly unique. In his first book, Eat Right for Your Type, he wrote about the Blood Type food plan, and that there is no right or wrong lifestyle. There are only right or wrong choices to be made based on your individual genetic codes. Become on of the many who have improved their health with this food plan and discover what food is Right 4 Your Type.

This moment is the first moment of the rest of your life.

Are you willing to take the steps required to claim your happiness, success, fulfillment, and enlightenment? Will you take advantage of the opportunity to create a new reality for your life?

It's time to SHIFT and get prepared for what's coming up for your life... so I want you to put your heart and soul into paying close attention to how much mental, emotional and physical pain you are in. Then, step by step you can make the SHIFT gently, easily, and without having to deal with the mental and emotional pain and stress of not knowing what to do, not feeling your best, and all the other OLD WAYS that are holding you back.

Remember you might need to ask for assistance to clear out the self-doubt, fear, guilt, shame or unworthiness.

Here’s to living your dream life NOW.

There is no shame in asking for assistance to create happiness and success. If you have read the books, taken workshops, had psychic readings,taken prescriptions and OTC drugs etc. and still struggle; you might have emotional blocks preventing you from moving into your happiness and desires.

This is an investment in your health, happiness, success, fulfillment, and health. Following the principles in this process will change your life forever and I want you to experience it yourself as soon as possible. Remember only you can take care of your happiness and emotional, physical and spiritual health.

For your convenience, I offer a 20-minute FREE no-obligation phone conversation to answer your questions and discuss how you can discover and create personal and professional success. Contact me And you will receive value in the 20-minute conversation.
Remember you might need to ask for assistance.

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Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, Ph.D., Metaphysician - Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, Author, and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates clearing blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs. You can live the life you desire. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one's thoughts and feelings.