Have you experienced pain in your life? As a result, have you fallen into destructive behaviors of anger, depression, guilt or shame? Is there an easy way to end pain and any associated emotional responses? What is one such practical solution?

The physical body operates on impulses received from the brain. According to scientific research, the brain is similar to the electric circuitry in your home. There are lines, or pathways, on which the current runs and connects to other lines, providing great sources of energy, and in turn, lighting up different areas of the home. In the human body, these pathways 'light up' different areas of the body, allowing them to operate.

Scientists have also determined that the more one feels and focuses on a thought, the stronger and more defined these pathways become in the brain. In fact, it takes 21 days of repeated thought patterns, without interruption to stabilize these conduits. In effect, if you focus on something for 21 straight days, it becomes a habit, as you etch new connectors into the circuitry of your brain.

When you experience emotional or physical trauma, damage can occur to the connectors already inside your brain. That distress can effectively cut the free-flowing constructive pathways in your brain. Therefore, the pain may have diminished your previous happiness and joy. Furthermore, you may begin to dwell on destructive thoughts of sadness, anger, and guilt instead of feeling constructive, happy thoughts.

As shown, if you think you are in pain and are angry, sad, or guilty for 21 days or longer, then you retrace a new connector, forming a habit. However, the new link made up of these destructive emotions will not generate constructive emotions, but will only further exacerbate your pain.

What is the answer to change the pattern and break a bad habit? Could it be a choice to work at changing the pattern, similar to dieting to lose weight? With continued effort, it is possible to see effective results using the scientific method of the 21-day rule for forming a habit. Therefore, might it be beneficial for you to redirect your energy, thoughts and feelings to happy thoughts to enjoy a joyful life again?

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