Many people ask themselves the question 'how do I change my life?' and the truth is there really is no 'magic pill' or 'quick-fix' method to changing your life...and very often to create a change in life can cause major discomfort and disruption because it means stepping out of your comfort zone and changing old habits and beliefs.

However, and I can say this from experience, it is all possible! I have created massive changes in my life and some of it, to be honest, was rather uncomfortable, challenging and confronting, but I am much stronger for it and am living the way I want to now...but my journey is not over and this is another point you should consider.

So let's get to some answers then...

Why not use the idea of your life being like a delicious recipe, with you as the Chef who uses different ingredients to make up the final dish...and so I would like to share some of my most vital ingredients that I use in my 'Recipe for Life' that you can use to improve your life as well.

Vital Ingredient 1 - Harmonize multiple areas of your life

You need to pay attention to multiple areas of your life...not just one, because harmony and balance is one of the major keys to success in any form and to have a true change in life will most likely involve changing various things in your life, not just one or two.

Vital Ingredient 2 - Be honest with yourself

You need to face your own pain, negativity and limiting beliefs and not deny they exist or pretend they are not really there with wishful thinking, otherwise, they will always sabotage have to be honest with yourself, and boy this is not always easy to do, but it is worth it.

Vital ingredient 3 - Be prepared for some discomfort

You must be prepared for some discomfort that changing your life will bring...there is some truth in the old cliché "no pain no gain" because, to create a big change in life is not always going to be comfortable....this is perhaps the biggest challenge.

Vital ingredient 4 - Have courage

It also takes courage to do these things and to take the action required and also to keep faith in yourself and your dreams. Other people will try to make you have doubts and so you will need to be strong.

Vital ingredient 5 - Enjoy the journey

Don't see your dreams as being one event...and that once achieved everything will be all right...because it doesn't work that is the journey that is the real point to life so you need to enjoy it, but that's another story...

Bonus ingredient for added flavor....

You also need to be a little realistic! Trying to be an astronaut at the age of 55 with no previous experience is possibly stretching things a bit...well in this lifetime anyway! So you can probably see how easy it is to come 'unstuck', or give up, or just believe that it doesn't even work.

So to summarize:

Changing your life to a life of your dreams takes vital ingredients such as courage, effort, commitment and a dash of realism. But enjoy the process of perfecting your own recipe to is after all yours for the eating.

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Dean Hopkins is known as the Self Help Junkie and is a Writer, Artist/Designer and Music Producer who left the Corporate Rat Race to focus on a passion for inspiring people to love more, live more and be more by understanding the relationships in our lives better.