There is a long going debate regarding traditional and conventional marketing. Both are incorporated with professional tactics that try to bring more virtue to the business. But what is the best option for your business? Which marketing type will make you earn great value for your business? These are the questions that lead to confusion and dilemma regarding what to choose and what not.

In this article, we will state the significant distinctions between conventional and digital marketing. From the stipulated definition to the critical factors that make each standout, everything is expressed in the following article.

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What are Digital Marketing and Conventional Marketing?

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the marketing and sale of products through digital channels such as websites, social media, and other such platforms as marketing tools and communication.

If you use digital marketing, you will be well known with the adverts that pop up in the stream; this is what digital marketing is!

Conventional Marketing

On the other hand, conventional or traditional marketing is the way to promote the sale of products using traditional channels, billboards, printed bills, and media, etc. It also comprises of the advertisement through televisions and newspapers to promote the product or services.

Difference between Digital Marketing and Conventional Marketing

The central aspect differentiating digital marketing and conventional marketing from each other is delivering the message to the targeted audience as digital marketing uses modern technology like the internet to promote the product and create brand awareness among the audience using social media and websites. While, conventional marketing uses traditional ways of promotion like billboards, word of mouth, radio and television advertisements, bullets, pamphlets, etc.

Traditional marketing doesn’t imply old-fashioned; it indicates that there is something more innovative than the conventional method. Digital Marketing started after introducing the internet and has raised its popularity in the past few years. The application of the internet gave rise to the concept of digital marketing.
Let’s have a closer look at Digital Marketing and Conventional Marketing by studying their pros and cons.

Digital Marketing

People all across the globe use mobile phones and contribute at least 6 hours to mobile each day. The channels on which digital marketing promotes the products or services are
● Social Media
● Websites
● Content Marketing
● Affiliate Marketing
● Search Engine Marketing
And a lot more.

1. Digital marketing allows the user to engage the customers with a wide range of possibilities. This works as a deciding factor to check whether you are on the right path or not. The deciding factors are the likes, comments, and shares that you get on social media platforms.
2. Digital Marketing eases your taste to measure the campaign. This allows you to plan out your next campaigning strategy accordingly and ensure further growth heeding the same.
3. The main goal of the business is to target the audience and ensure more customer revisits making them valuable customers. This task is done efficiently with digital marketing with much ease.

1. The customer does not always love digital Ads. If your audience is not interested in your product, the continual ads can be annoying and divert from your advertising campaign.
2. People interested in your ads are not always able to see them get deeper insights into the services or products as they are not permanent.
3. Digital Marketing trends evolved constantly and need to be modified from time to time.

Conventional Marketing

With the evolution of digital technologies, conventional practices are often undervalued. Although, they work pretty effectively in most of the places. Traditional media promotions channels include
● Outdoor advertising
● Broadcasting
● Print advertises
● Telemarketing
● Window display signs
And many more!

1. Daily, people are pretty affected by Billboards or TV commercials. These are often easy to comprehend and understand and thus create more impact on the person’s intellect.
2. These advertisements are permanent and are liable to retain their effectiveness for a longer time. Magazines and newspaper ads are rare to fade away soon.
3. Seeing something in real life creates more impact on the person’s intellect. The advertisements and promotions seen in real life will rest for a longer time.

1. Campaigns in conventional marketing are not scalable and need more time. Also, these take more time to measure on a metric scale and implement the desired changes.
2. Conventional advertisements are pretty expensive and make you spend a lot of money for delivering a good ad.
3. Conventional marketing has no interaction with the customer, which directly impacts the overall productivity of the business.
Both traditional and conventional methods work effectively for those who are aware of their respective methodologies. Both the ways are diverse and can be implemented as per the choice of the business and businessman. You can opt for the most desirable method as per your needs.

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