Everyone tends to jump when there is a new trend introduced in the market and people start following it. The biggest mistake digital marketers make is they follow it without knowing whether it will be worth following for their business or it is not. Following a trend is actually a marketing strategy to attract customers for your business but the trend should be worth following it otherwise you will face certain consequences for your business.

Here, you will know about trends that are going to die and you should stop following immediately.

1) keyword stuffed content – Keywords play an important role in every website and in every online platform. Keywords are the main reason for website ranking, website visibility and higher traffic for websites and because of this reason many marketers include a lot of keywords in their content to post on their website and online platforms. Many marketers follow this trend for increasing traffic and ranking of websites. Google ultimately penalizes the site if marketers follow the trend of keyword stuffing in their content. So it is better not to follow such a trend.

2) Only focus on paid advertisement - Many digital marketers only focus on paid advertisement on various platforms which ultimately leads to negative impact on your website and business. Instead marketers should go for organic promotions like SEO, promotions on social media, increasing traffic with the help of link building or posting content related to your business on various online platforms and websites which helps in increasing visibility of your website. Marketers need to focus on paid ads but not only on paid ads but they should also focus on organic promotions.

3) Influence marketing – According to research, many marketers follow the trend of influence marketing. They only focus on promoting their brand using influence marketing. No doubt it is the better option but there are some influencers which are not honest and reliable. If advertisement goes wrong because of such not so good influencers, then it can affect your business badly. Many marketers nowadays do not follow such trends because of such issues.

4) Pop Ups – pop ups are part of marketing strategy because when you visit any site you often see a display box about any product or services and this helps in promotions of that business. But in this 2021 and 2022 pop ups are considered as the most annoying marketing tool and customers are irritated due to such strategy applied. Many marketers have unfollowed such trends because customers leave such websites if they continuously get pop up messages.

5) Long video ads – According to research, marketers have learned that customers are not interested in watching long video ads; rather, they need short and catchy video and content in it. customers only watch 6 to 8 second videos otherwise if the video is more than that they tend to skip it. So the long video ad trend is almost unfollowed by many marketers.

To conclude, these trends are now unfollowed by many marketers and will definitely die in 2022.


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