Unlike commercial photographed reproductions of pastel, watercolor, and oil paintings printed in Giclée, which are printed in mass by the hundreds or even thousands, the Digital Giclée Printed Paintings created by Curtis R Doll Jr are truly Limited Editions of 75 plus 5 Artist Proofs. They are Digital Paintings created on his computer as original works of art in this pre-eminent late 20th early 21st Centuries Medium. Once the 75th painting in each edition is printed, signed, titled, and numbered with Curtis' seal printed on them to distinguish them from pirated prints of inferior quality, all-digital .tif files used to print said series are securely deleted into cyberspace and exist no longer. Only a .jpg and a .psd file are retained for future reference. Each of these works of art is painted at full-scale image size 21" x 16" at 350 ppi resolution. With the title, hand-signed signature, etc. at the bottom and a white one-inch border they measure 24" x 18" or 19" x 23" depending on a vertical or horizontal format. They are each accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. These works are termed paintings because of the intricate use of colors, and technical applications of the colors, the various drawing and painting tools and techniques, linear and textural effects, and blending subtleties applied, and the overall complexity distinguishing these paintings from traditional flat fine art prints. This new ingenious artful late 20th-century medium is cutting-edge with a virtually limitless range of creative possibilities reaching far into the future.

These works are in themselves "Metaphysical Symbols." Form and color are combined, united, and harmonized to create heartfelt impressions of life. The concept of inner radiating light plays an integral role in the development of these images. This light emanates from within a counterpoint of darkness and shadow. In some of these images, the light is radiating from without almost hiding the shadow. In others, the light is hidden within the darkness and is virtually unseen. The light expresses all the positive forces of nature; growth and expansion, the power of intellect, and most importantly, the power of transcendental love. The darkness elicits the dark forces of nature and humankind; anger - resentment - hatred - complacency. Ironically, we cannot have one without the other. The darkness increases the beauty of the light just as evil contrasting benevolence enhances the joy one experiences by doing a good deed. It is an eternal paradox.

Curt has been a professional, working artist since 1977.

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A Prayer

Author's Bio: 

Artist - Designer - Painter since 1977 - Curtis R Doll Jr began creating stained glass windows in 1979, cutting glass, assembling the windows including installation and various and sundry jobs that go along with making stained glass - began designing monumental architectural glass installations in 1983 for churches, storefronts, malls, etc., and continued to design small, residential & commercial projects - in addition, creating computer graphics, manipulating and restoring photographs - creating digital, limited edition fine art prints since 1998 but his passion continues to be painting abstracts in gouache.