The mobile application enables users to capture photographs, without any constraints on the device storage, as the relevant content is automatically synchronized and stored in an online vault. With a diverse range of functions, this application allows the users to seamlessly transfer photos from the BlackBerry to online vault and share them across multiple social.

Business Challenge:

The popularity of content and photo sharing growing by the day, providing a mobile application to cater the same needed a creative insight and technically translated into the following challenges:

• Providing a rich, efficient and interactive user interface.

• Implementing a solution which seamlessly transfers photos from the
BlackBerry to the online vault.

• Implementing an easy to use interface to browse across the BlackBerry
folder structure and select various files.

• Providing a solution to address the issue of low device storage and
photo archiving.

• Integration with various social networking sites.


The application makes the mobile phone bottomless by managing the photo storage on the vault so that the phone never runs out of space.

The bottomless feature automatically deletes older photos once they are uploaded to the vault, allowing the user to take more pictures. User never has to delete photos and won't run out of storage locally on the mobile device.

AutoSync photos to vault: It enables instantaneous and auto backup of user's photos in the phone by synchronizing them with the online account. This feature can be turned off to allow the user to manually upload photos.

Viewing Photos: User can browse his/her VOBS account and look at any picture he/she has ever taken at point of a single click on the BlackBerry.

Sharing: The application allows the user to share photos and view them. User can share photos on the mobile phone with family, friends and colleagues through MMS, e-mail or the Verizon Online Backup and Sharing platform.

Social Networking: Users can keep friends posted with their latest photos by using social networking option. They can keep the Facebook photos current by publishing immediately to the Facebook account.


Automatic synchronization of the Photographs.

No constraints for the storage space on the device, as the contents are archived automatically.

Facilitates upload of captured photographs to multiple social networking sites.

Access to any photograph present in the online vault.

Author's Bio: 

Endeavour's expertise spans across all mobile operating platforms including the big 4 - Android application development, iPhone Application development, BlackBerry application development, and Windows Phone development.