There are a number of ways in which you can incorporate an element of finesse and aristocracy in your bathroom. One of the most effective ways is adding opulent looking tapware. Indeed, the right class and kind of tapware will not only add to the glory of your bathroom, but they will also complement the vanity of your bathroom in the most lustrous way. That is the reason when it comes to selecting the tapware for your bathroom, you must look for one of the best in the market, if not THE VERY BEST!! Nero is a name that should catch your attention. With a wide range of variety, Nero tapware comes as one of the favourites for modern-day consumers, more so after having gone for a facelift of their bathroom.

Now what you need to know before anything else is, the type of tapware that you need to opt for, to add to your newly renovated bathroom.

Basin Taps

When it comes to adding basin taps, you must look for the perfect low-pressure gravity-fed systems, which come in a combination of two – hot and cold water taps separated. These are the simplest forms that come in metallic colour. Regardless of the look and feel of your bathroom, its dimension, and the theme you set, these basin taps are perfect fit-ins.

MonoBloc Mixers

This is another low-pressure variety of faucet, which comes as a combination of a single lever and two-handed mixers. However, this is not the one to opt for if you have a larger bathroom. These Nero taps are more for the smaller ones and more so in the kitchens.

Single Lever Mixer

These are the best options when it comes to adjusting the temperature and the flow of the water. While the monobloc basin mixers work perfectly with both high as well as low water pressure, these single level mixtures are the best for commercial bathrooms in hotels, café, and restaurants. Thus, if it's all about the bathroom at your home, you can opt for another variety. But still, some people use them in domestic bathrooms as well. So why don't you give them a try?

Deck & Wall Mounted

These deck mounted taps lie flat and hence, there lies no gap between the handles. They are fantastic as bath fillers and they come up with bath shower mixers as well. They work fine for both high as well as low pressure. These wall mounted taps are fine, but there is a catch. When moisture begins to collect on the bare wall, that's not something you can enjoy. If there is any crack in the wall, the moisture will swoop through and will cause the interiors to get damaged.

Bath Filler Overflow

This is probably the fanciest taps for bathrooms and is extremely adorable. It would allow a free fall of the water from its spout, which in most cases, is designed to simulate a waterfall and create that natural effect, which makes a difference. Besides, regardless of the type and style of bath, and its size, the bathroom looks amazing with them.

So you see, when you opt for Nero or other branded taps for your bathroom, you get all these varieties to choose from. Choose the one that will suit your bathroom and your preference and make it something that will make you feel proud of!!

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The author is a recognized dealer and wholesaler of Nero tapware and taps and is also a renowned blogger.