Ask any shooter how it feels to hunt with a rifle, and they'll tell you what a great feeling it is to hold the gun on your hands and shoulders and shoot at the prey and to watch it go down. Rifle shooting is an art, and one becomes an expert in it after a long practice. Though used in wars in earlier times, rifles are used today mainly for hunting and shooting sports. Shooting with a gun is a different experience from using other firearms. Rifle shooting being different, rifle shooting accessories are also different from those required by other guns.

There are different types of rifle shooting accessories that are meant to store the rifle and its bullets as well as use them. Are you planning to specialize in rifle shooting? To ensure the long life of your rifle and better performance with it, you need to know about the different rifle shooting accessories that you should have. Here are a few of them:

Rifle safes and cases
As you have guessed, a rifle safe is meant to store the rifles. Rifle safes usually are made with fully welded steel that adds to the sturdiness of the safe. They have extra protection measures like recessed doors, anti-jammy bars, multiple lever locks, door reinforcements, etc. And if you wish to travel with your rifle you'll find rifle cases with aluminum exterior and foam interior. These cases are extreme and are, therefore, ideal to carry expensive guns.

Cartridge carriers
This is meant to store cartridges when you are out for shooting. Cartridge carriers come in different sizes with different numbers of loops so that you could carry various quantities of rounds according to your needs. These carriers are smaller and easy to carry, thus making them a travel-friendly accessory.

Rifle slips and slings
Rifle slips help you in storing the scoped rifles perfectly intact. They come with shoulder straps that enable you to carry them easily with you. Rifle slips are usually made of leather or canvas to ensure their durability. You could also find rifle slings complete with thumb loops, again for storing the rifle and keeping it away from damage.

Rifle bullet pouch
Bullet pouches are quite a convenient means to carry extra bullets with you without adding to your luggage as you can tie the bag with your belt. These pouches have loops in which you can keep the bullets intact so that even if you have to run or jump while following the prey you can do that without fear of losing the bullets.

Although reducing the recoil into your shoulder and torso isn’t an important concern for firing an AR-15 because of the buffer and spring assembly, reducing the recoil does help keep the barrel steady. Using a muzzle brake for your AR-15 will reduce the recoil by redirecting the gas that follows the bullet out of the barrel so it both vents to the sides and pushes forward on the brake, minimizing the rearward pull or recoil and the upward climb of the muzzle.

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