Back pain is an inevitable phenomenon that we face in our lives, sooner or later. Even if you are not a sleeper’s handler or a loader, not a woman carrying a lot of kilogram bags every day, not an amateur gardener hoeing beds in her hacienda in the spring-field period, and not an athlete weightlifter-pain cannot be avoided anyway. You can only be surprised: like sitting for a day at the computer without any strain, almost no loads, but by the end of the day the waist begins to ache and there is discomfort in the neck, shoulder and shoulder areas.

Why the back hurts and how to treat it

Shockwave therapy is one of the most effective methods of treating pain in the back of various origins. The main advantage of this technique is the rapid alleviation of the pain syndrome. In just 4-5 sessions you can forget about your problem. Something similar resembles the spine: it serves as the central core of this remarkable bioconstruction - the human body, and the muscles of the back play the role of the pulling thread. Imagine now that the body is also tied to the body with all its internal organs, so the poor muscle yarns need to withstand not only the weight of the spine-rod, but also the body weight of the whole body, and constantly. However, involuntarily you come to the conclusion that the Creator really conceived us at first not to be upright because the "payment for the uprightness" turns out to be an unreasonably large one. Open any medical guide in the section "Diseases of the musculoskeletal system".

The most common causes of back pain

However, at once to conclude that the back is hurting, then you are necessarily something seriously ill, not worth it. Over 80% of back pain can occur periodically for the following reasons: overstrain of muscles due to physical activity and long-term presence of the spine in the same posture during sleep, sitting at the computer, in transport, etc. Therefore, supercooling of the back due to being in a draft, opposite the air conditioner, when leaving a hot room with fresh cool air, with a cold bath. "Talking" old, received earlier and badly cured trauma (stretching, bruising).

Much less often the back hurts for the reasons of really serious ailments. They are the most diverse and are not always associated with damage to segments of the spine and the resulting diseases. It happens that a person has some sick organ, and there are pains that give in the back, for example,

 In patients with kidney pain gives in the lower back

 with gynecological diseases in women, pain can be given to the lumbosacral department

 In the presence of a tumor, pain can be transmitted to certain parts of the back

 Therefore, before treatment of pain in the back, it is first necessary to establish its true causes, that is, to conduct a thorough diagnosis of the presence of other possible diseases.

Chronic back pain

Always should alert the presence of chronic pain, that is, present almost always with interruptions for remission. It is possible that the reasons for it may be such ailments:

• Osteochondrosis caused by dystrophic changes in the tissues of the spinal disc

• Scoliosis - a curvature, leading to a disc displacement and traumatizing the nerve root

• An intervertebral hernia - flattening of the disc with the exit of its nucleus into the intervertebral space or (which is much worse) - towards the spinal cord

• Spondylolisthesis - sliding of the upper vertebra to the lower vertebra, as a result of deformation of the legs of the vertebra, because of what the spine becomes like a ladder with protruding steps

• Bechterew's disease (spondylitis) - inflammation of ligaments and joints, leading to their lack of mobility

• Mostly it affects men. The danger of this rare disease in its unceasing development - from the gradual capture of all parts of the spine to the transition to internal organs: lungs, kidneys, heart, blood vessels, organs of vision.

• Oncological diseases - a tumor in the spine may be primary, but most often occurs as metastases from other organs.

• The percentage of the total number of causes is about one percent.

• Spine infections - tuberculosis, osteomyelitis, syphilis and other diseases: as a cause of pain are particularly rare (about 0.01%)

• Compression fractures are a disease, unfortunately, relatively frequent (about 4%).

• In youth, it is found, mainly, in athletes because of excessive loads and injuries, in old age - due to osteoporosis phenomena, because of which the vertebrae cease to withstand the person's own weight.

• Myalgia - chronic, due to constant supercooling, inflammation of muscle tissue

• In all cases after treatment of painful and inflammatory processes, it is necessary to start treatment of the underlying disease that provoked pain.

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