During the 1980s, the huge growth of cannabis cultivars prompted the need to identify and distinguish classes of cannabis. By the early 1990s, the first official marijuana grading system was introduced to resolve the situation. The quality of the cannabis is the most important thing to consider when buying online. This legally approved system of determining the quality of cannabis used by experts is the A to AAAA+ grading system.

Every cannabis strain comes in different levels, depending on how different batches are grown. Therefore, the grading system does not represent the strain itself, but the grower and quality of that batch. The single-A is the lowest, and the quadruple-A has the highest quality. The most popular high quality marijuana in cannabis dispensaries are usually graded as AAA. This is not to say that AAAA is unfeasible, but it is quite hard to come across, especially when buying online.

A-Grade (GH or OD)

The lowest of quality of all cannabis grades, A-grade cannabis products are usually referred to as “dirt weed.” Experts suggest that it is better to not purchase or consume a product of this level. In most instances, vendors use the flower to make extracts and market the flower corpse for extra income. This means that the flower is first butane-blasted for production. While the bud structure is still preserved, stalks and other impurities are noticeable in the stash. If you have to buy products of this quality, reduce your purchase size to increase the quality level.

AA-Grade (Dubs)

If your budget is small, then you would have to go with lower quality cannabis. An AA-grade is considered a very budget option, although you can encounter there are some rare good selections. These buds have a brown or off-color tinge and contains more THC compared to its lower equivalents. The consistency of an AA grade weed strain is more likely bad if it has a lot of brown and off-color appearances. Its scent is also quite far from even one step up on the grade stage. The darker the ask, the lower the grade quality.

AAA-Grade (Trips)

The most common high standard form of cannabis available in shops and dispensaries, AAA grade marijuana was formerly deemed as the highest performing Kush. But with recent improvements in cannabis production and science, this is now one step below the new luxury cannabis class. For a bud to be called AAA standard, all the same qualities as the highest rating should be present. This grade is at a high level, so expect almost maximum strength. Seasoned consumers would hardly recommend buying anything below this grade.

AAAA-Grade (Quads)

The best grade level available, this is the finest product of its kind with a pungent odor, smooth burning smoke and strong taste. Its consistency usually varies from standard AAAA weed to high quality AAAA++. Its appearance, scent and taste has to be near ideal to earn this rating with abundant trichomes. In terms of smell, a quad cannabis should be pungent with no unintended notes. The buds should be thick and well-groomed, with a touch of purple or orange, all looking clean and well-packed.

You might have never thought to understand the cannabis grading system in very straightforward and convenient terms, but this is not the only system as there are others out there. Remember that all systems are subjective, and this is a good starting point to understand them better. Use this guide as your benchmark for your future purchases, so you can have faith in the quality of the products you buy.

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