A Hollywood film actor announced his retirement amid a result of aphasia. His family announced on Thursday that Willis was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. His wife Emma Heming, ex-wife Demi Moore, and daughters Scout, Rumer, Tallulah, Evelyn, and Mabel issued a statement. However, the statement was posted on the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration website.

They said aphasia of Willis developed into a diagnosis of dementia. This brought on rumors regarding his mental condition and the announcement of retirement in May 2022. The statement said Bruce experiences just one symptom of the disease which causes memory and language problems. However, it is painful but is a relief to eventually get a clear diagnosis.

FTD is a common disease

The statement further added that FTD is a brutal disease. Most of us have never heard of it but it can hit anyone. However, FTD is the most common dementia for people over 60. The disease is supposedly more usual than we know because the diagnosis of the symptoms can take several years. Keep in mind that there isn’t any treatment currently available for the disease.

They said any media attention can hopefully focus on getting more details about this disease. However, it needs more awareness and dedicated research. Willis started his career in TV and became one of the most famous stars of the 1980s and 1990s. He was well-known for the Die-Hard franchise, The Fifth Element, and Pulp Fiction. Twelve Monkeys, The Last Boy Scout, Looper & Moonrise Kingdom, and The Sixth Sense are some of the best films.

Willis won the worst performance category award in 2021

Willis is now 67 years old. He has also contributed to several family comedies such as a baby on Look Who’s Talking. His acting career as an actor spread over the years till his announcement of retirement with powerful returns in 2021. The annual awards “Razzies” are dedicated to the year’s worst films. Bruce Willis received a worst
performance category award in a 2021 movie.

But Bruce repealed the award amid his aphasia diagnosis. The family statement added that Bruce always loves to use his voice for the world to help others. He believes in boosting awareness regarding the most critical problems both privately and publicly. They said Bruce would need to respond by bringing global attention and connection with people dealing with this exhausting disease.

The statement said it would discover how this disease impacts most individuals and their families. The family of Bruce also called for boosting awareness and understanding of frontotemporal dementia symptoms. However, Bruce has always discovered joy and happiness in life to help everyone he knows. It has shown the world to determine that sense of care sounded back to him and to all his lovers.

The Family of Bruce appreciated fans for their love

Bruce’s family admired his fans for the love they all shared for the legendary actor in this critical time. They said that constant understanding, respect, and compassion will allow his family to help Bruce live a healthy life. CNN reported that the family of Bruce Willis said the actor was diagnosed with a type of dementia, frontotemporal dementia.

The family of Willis issued a statement on Thursday that the 67-years old legend star has finally got a clear diagnosis. However, there is not any treatment available currently for the disease. His most recent acting credit of Willis is “Detective Knight: Independence”. It was released at the beginning of January 2023 and was the 3rd season of the thriller film series Detective Knight.

It is noteworthy that Bruce also has the action movie “Assassin”, which is scheduled to hit the screen next month. His family statement said Willis first informed them about the diagnosis of his aphasia disease in 2022. They told Bruce also experienced suffering from a medical condition at that time. It critically affected his mental abilities and he was supposed to take a break from acting.

A Group of Disorders in a Brain is called Frontotemporal Dementia

Meanwhile, Mayo Clinic said frontotemporal dementia is a term used for a bunch of disorders in the brain. It basically affects the frontal and temporal parts of the brain. These specific parts of the brain are normally linked with language, personality, and behavior. BBC News reported a similar story that the family of Actor Bruce Willis said he was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia.

They issued a statement on social media saying it was a relief that Bruce has finally received a clear diagnosis. The 67-years old Willis was diagnosed with aphasia disease in the spring of last year, which generated problems during speaking. The family statement said his disease has now developed and offered a more specific diagnosis.

Frontotemporal Dementia is a Common Mental Issue for those above 60

The family of the Die-Hard Actor also expressed their deepest gratefulness for the remarkable outburst of love. They also said that frontotemporal dementia is the most common type of mental issue in most people above 60. However, there isn’t any frontotemporal dementia treatment available but the solution isn’t too far if we boost awareness and understanding.

Actor Bruce Willis became popular in the 1980s and 1990s following his appearance in blockbuster movies. His most remarkable films include The Sixth Sense, Die Hard, Armageddon, and Pulp Fiction. He was nominated for 5 Golden Globes and earned one award for Moonlighting. He was also nominated for 3 Emmys Awards and won 2 of them.

Last year, his family said Bruce had planned to take a break from acting because his aphasia was creating issues. Willis reportedly experienced issues related to his mental abilities and speaking problems. Their statement on Thursday said they are hopeful that media attention would massively increase awareness about the condition of Willis.

Important Reasons behind the Dementia

Keep in mind that dementia can happen in various types for different reasons. The word dementia points out the impact of an affected part of the brain dealing with thinking and language skills.

The most common reasons include vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia with Lewy bodies. The diagnosis of Willis for frontotemporal dementia is comparatively rare. This form is unusual in those below 60 and it massively affects people in old age.

Meanwhile, a build-up of toxic proteins in the frontal and temporal parts of the brain causes frontotemporal dementia symptoms. It is noteworthy that these temporal lobes are behind the forehead and ears but the disease can kill brain cells. So, the destruction of these parts critically affects language, behavior, and the ability of thinking.

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