The most common complication that is highly likely to arise from diabetes mellitus is cardiovascular disease. And, atherosclerosis is one such serious and incurable issue, especially when it reaches the advanced stage.
In fact, cardiovascular issues are considered the primary causes of death among diabetic patients. Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to many serious health problems, which is why the doctors advise you to keep your blood sugar levels in check. Let’s discuss a few common complications of diabetes and how they can have a significant impact on the patient’s recovery.
Endothelial Dysfunction
Endothelial dysfunction is a coronary artery disease, in which your arteries do not get blocked but get narrowed. This medical condition can lead to severe chest pain and is most commonly found in women, but it could affect men as well. Endothelial dysfunction is a common complication of diabetes and is mainly reported in people suffering from type 2 diabetes.
Several studies have shown that excess sugar in your bloodstream can lead to endothelial dysfunction. This further results in vascular injury. The major problem is that endothelium doesn’t have the capacity to repair itself, as it consists of differentiated cells.
Vascular Damage and Repair
Diabetes can cause significant damage to your nerves, a condition that’s called diabetic neuropathy. It is important to note that diabetic neuropathy cannot be reversed. Sadly, the research shows that 60 to 70 percent of people are likely to develop diabetic neuropathy at some point in their lives. As mentioned above, our bodies do not have the ability to self-repair the damaged nerves. Even though there is no way the nerve damages due to diabetes can be reversed fully, there are some easy options to manage diabetic neuropathy. Here are a few ways that can help you manage the condition:
● Keeping your blood sugar levels in check
● Treating the nerve pain
● Paying close attention to your feet to ensure they are not injured, infected, and inflamed.
Should you notice any unusual spots on your feet, head to the diabetologist in Navi Mumbai immediately to get the issue checked at the earliest.
There is no denying that diabetes brings with it a set of many complications that can pose a big threat to your health. And, cardiovascular diseases are the most complicated among other issues. It’s important for patients to manage their blood sugar levels by reducing the consumption of sweetened drinks, increasing exercising time, and monitoring their blood sugar levels regularly.
The most common damage that occurs from vascular issues in diabetic patients is nerve damages on the feet. The damaged nerves on your feet and legs might lose the sensation and lead to a visible injury on your leg. Book an appointment with a specialist at the Diabetes clinic in Vashi should you notice any sign of vascular damage or endothelial dysfunction. The doctor will recommend a treatment based on your current medical condition and the complexity of the issue.

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