Diabetes is also referred to as diabetes mellitus. It may broadly be classified as a category of ailments wherein a person has high blood glucose levels.

The key underlying causes of diabetes pertain to:

- Insufficient production of insulin in one's body.

- The body not being able to respond to insulin in the required manner.

- In particular, an individual who is obese is at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes as compared to one with a healthy body weight.

Some of the other major underlying causes of diabetes include:

- Being physically inactive

- Not consuming the right kind of a diet

Odds of being afflicted with diabetes also increase as one ages.

Prevention of Diabetes

Some simple changes in one’s everyday lifestyle could allow one to keep diabetes under check, or even prevent the occurrence of the disorder.

- One must avoid skipping meals as this might hike blood sugar levels, and may even cause one to gain weight.

- Sticking to a diet high in fruits and vegetables can help control diabetes because fruits and vegetables are full of fibers. While this keeps us full, vitamins and minerals present in fruits and vegetables ensure that body receives its nutrition. So one stays energetic and is not tempted to go for sugary foods.

- One must avoid foods with a high Glycemic Index, such as chips and salty snacks, and keep a check on consumption of fatty foods as well.

- Making sure that you drink 6-8 glasses of water everyday can also help prevent or control diabetes.

About Diaba Wellness Healthy Rice:

Diaba Wellness Healthy Rice is made distinctive by the many advantages it has over the white rice that people normally consume. It is a food rich in micro nutrients, amino acids and essential elements, and a healthier choice for diabetics.

Moreover, the Diaba Wellness Healthy Rice is easier to digest, making it safe, suitable and healthy for consumption by children, seniors, or pregnant or lactating women.

For A Healthier Heart:

Diaba Wellness Healthy Rice is a fine way to keep the heart healthier, as it regulates and normalizes blood pressure. This helps maintain a healthy weight, keeps lipid levels normal, and is a great choice for anyone afflicted by Celiac disease.

The Better Choice for Diabetes Control:

A lower Glycemic index makes Diaba Wellness Healthy Rice a much improved option for a healthful diabetic diet. Glycemic Index of Diaba Wellness Healthy Rice is 57, while that of normal rice is around 83. So this variety of rice does not spike the blood sugar levels and makes it much easier to regulate diabetes.

Unlike normal rice, the Diaba Wellness Healthy Rice is made of complex carbohydrates. As complex carbohydrates are absorbed slower, this ensures that one’s blood sugar levels stay stable.

A Unique Composition:

Diaba Wellness Healthy Rice has twice the magnesium and phosphorus:

- 5 times the iron

- 3 times Vitamin B3

- 4 times Vitamin B1

- 10 times Vitamin B6 than white silky rice

The Diaba Wellness Healthy Rice, it’s a great investment for keeping your family and yourself healthy, and a smarter choice over the silky white rice that we normally have.

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