When you move on the path of dharma, you move in harmony with your own nature and with the essential nature of all beings. Can you feel those moments when your thoughts, words, and deeds are in harmony with life? When you sense such harmony, such alignment, then you are truly following dharma.

When that harmony is entirely present, your thoughts, words, and deeds surrender to the Divine and you perceive the Sublime manifest in everything. When this happens, you begin to notice all the synchronicities, to see the great tapestry that is being woven in the universe, and, beholding the harmonious substantive nature of all manifestation, you feel the shower of unconditional love falling gently upon you and every other being.

Moving in harmony, the foot does not crush the ground beneath. Moving in harmony, all nature becomes one flow. Thoughts, words, and deeds express only the unconditional love of the Divine. The lotus growing in the mud and water brings forth buds that open to the sun. The rose winding around the trellis climbs upward and blossoms in the sun.

Moving in harmony towards the Source, all beings have their place. Sun, moon, and stars are in harmony with all things. There is a balance in this universe, finely maintained, sublimely intricate, yet simple. To be in this balance, to move in this harmony, to breathe with the rhythm of the stars, is the way of dharma.

For one immersed in dharma, the words they speak become truth, not because they have foretold the future, but because, being ensconced in dharma, they are in the rhythm of life. They live in truth. The words of one established in dharma are a balm to the heavy hearts of all beings, for true words are spoken from the heart of hearts, not from the mind or the desires.

Walk in silence. Be still in the wood. Be as wild as the breeze upon the prairie. Be as vast as the night sky. Fly with the eagle above the mountain tops. Soar on the night breeze. Dive to the depths of the ocean. Live in the rhythmic harmony of the universe. This is Dharma.

Can you walk this path? Really, can you? All religions have attempted to teach people how to live and act in harmony and to define in words the path of right action. But the way for each person is unique. You cannot define it or put it in a box because of the way it moves outside of all boxes.

To become whole, to learn to walk in the universe's way, to move towards the essence of beatitude, to the depths of silence, and to follow dharma always. Stay connected to your innermost nature.

Author's Bio: 

Maetreyii Ma Nolan, PhD. is a student of mysticism and yoga, a psychologist in private practice, and an expert in yoga philosophy. Dr. Nolan has a school for yoga and years of experience teaching yoga teachers, yoga therapy, and meditation training. Through her own meditative practice and a deep personal connection to Divine Source, she has gained profound insights and understandings that she shares in her deeply insightful writings.