Over the years, people have asked me to teach them how to see energy fields, energy flows, and how to assess the information usefully. The following is a compilation of teachings from many resources that have been synthesized into simple practices.

To begin seeing more than what our habitual sight offers, it is important to open the 3rd eye. The following is a meditation technique to promote awakening.

Everyone has what is known as a 3rd eye. It is the place where we access insight, and can effortlessly witness the universe from its subatomic nature to infinity. Our third eye was fully open at birth. As we grew and began the process of developing a sense of selfhood, our third began to be covered by the conditioning of the material world. We learned to analyze, judge, compare, and became less in touch with the here and now. In this sense, our spirit was groomed toward illusion.

To begin, place yourself in the place and position that you have found to be most advantageous for meditation. Relax your mind, body, and emotions. Command your mind through focusing your attention to the sound and feeling of your breath coming in and going out. Return to your breath awareness if you witness that you have lost your focus. At no time during your meditation should you chastise yourself about anything. For example, if you lose your attention and then realize this, just accept it without commenting. Return your attention to your breath and then continue with your meditation.

Close your eyes. Place your attention on the area between your eyebrows. After a short time, a point of light will present itself in the center of your inner field of vision. Keep your focus there. For some people, it will be beneficial to raise your eyeballs as if you were looking up at about a 25-degree angle. For others, just directing their attention upwards will be easier and less distracting. After some experimentation, go with one of the ways exclusively. In the beginning of 3rd eye practice, it may help to place your thumb at the outer edge of one eye and your middle finger on the outer edge of the other, while placing your index finger at the mid-point between your eyebrows. This gives you a point of focus to place your attention. It also allows you to prevent your eyelids from fluttering.

Let the light come to you. Be available to be filled. The more you continue practicing this meditation, the more layers of the veil of illusion will fall away: A sense of knowing that you are a part of everything will become undeniably apparent. The chattering mind dissolves into a transcendent light of wellbeing and peace.

When you stop being locked into viewing reality from just one perspective, you will start to be free from habitual reactivity. Practicing 3rd eye meditations will put you in the position to recognize that life is nothing more than a show. It’s like you’ve been at a theater. You have interest in the story and seeing how the plot turns out, but knowing that it is all just a story, you don’t take it seriously. The constant anxiety and fear that is attached to a singular point of view of life will end. It is replaced with the awareness of the continuity of spirit, source, and all of creation.

Once a chick has pecked its way out of its shell, it knows that there is a lot more to life than was within its dark confines. Mother Nature, Grace, then gives the chick strong wings that let it fly. The 3rd eye meditation technique has the potential to be the beak you use to break out of your shell, as well as the wings to transport you to the infinite, eternal, and divine reality that is your birthright.

Learning how to see the energy fields around the physical body is not difficult. I have taught this to some very linear and practical minded groups with these simple strategies. Give yourself time to become accustom to allowing more to come into view. For the skeptic or “highly discerning mind”; it can be quite surprising.

The exercise described below works the rods and cones in your eyes. It also exercises your brain to begin to let go a bit of deciding what you see. Contrary to popular principle, it is your brain that really sees the world – not your eyes. When you teach yourself to stop deciding what vibration patterns you attend to, you will literally see more.

Take an 8 ½ by 11 piece of white paper and draw a 1 ½ inch frame using a black marker about 1 inch in from the outside edge of the paper. Place the paper at eye level on a blank, white wall (no distractions). Stand 3 - 4 feet from the paper with your hands and arms relaxed at your sides. Do not lock your knees, but stand with good posture to promote physical comfort.

Focus your eyes to one corner of the inner black frame. As you do, breathe deeply so as to induce calmness with your breath and heart rate. When you feel comfortable “defocus” your eyes so that the corner of black frame begins to blur and loose all distinction from the white. Increase your blur until you only see grey in your field of vision. When you achieve this, begin to practice this blur and then refocus of your eyes until you feel you can do this with ease. Most people can do this with just a few trials.

Next, begin to more your eyes slowly around the frame while moving in and out of focus at will. You will be able to see the frame and than make it “disappear” into a grey blur while moving your eyes around the frame. Only practice this exercise for about 5 minutes a day. Your eyes may feel tired and it’s best to give yourself resting time. I suggest you do this exercise 3 -5 minutes every day for two weeks: However, many people can achieve the feeling of control in the eye movement and defocusing within just a few days.

The next step is to put your hand up front of you, at arms length with your palm toward a white wall. Spread your fingers. Starting with your index finger, defocus your eyes just a bit. You should be able to see a shimmer around all your fingers that is outside the physical barrier of your skin. This is your energy field. Next, begin to look at other people while defocusing your eyes. You will increasingly see the shimmer, or light hues around the body. Colors may also start to appear. The more you relax and let it happen, the more detail you will experience. Energy fields around people extend anywhere from 3 – 6 inches to several feet. Colors have been described as coming in layers, with the most vibrant closest to the body. There are many books that try to decode the colors and layers with specific meanings. I leave that portion to the discretion of the reader.

I “see” energy flows with my hands more than with my eyes, but my brain converts this feeling image to a picture. Below is a description of how to achieve this experience.

Relax your body in a stranding or seated position and deep breath so that you still your thinking mind to a quiet clear state. You can practice this first with your eyes closed, but get to a place where you can have your eyes open. If you are familiar with hypnosis, this is achieving an Alpha state (mild hypnosis). Consciously attend to your feet for a moment. This will ground you before continuing further. Next, direct your awareness to the back of your neck and relax it while moving awareness into your shoulders and slowly down your arms. You will begin to feel a kind of flowing feeling as you mentally move into your hands. Notice that you can feel your palms subtly tingling. This is good and connecting you to energetic flows.

Now direct all of your attention into your dominate hand – palm and finger tips. Take this hand and move it slowly over the back side of the other hand. Start off with being about 2 -3 inches above the skin and move slowly. If you attend to the hand that is moving, you will feel the energy of the other hand as distinctly different than the surrounding air. It may feel warmer, or cooler, or a marbled combination. This is feeling both the energy field and the energetic flows of that hand. Move the “feeling” hand up and down the arm. Experiment by going further out and closer in. Watch the surface of what you are doing, but also be available to what you mind constructs. In time, your own consciousness will decipher the sensations with intuitive images and meaning.

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Elizabeth Wallmann-Filley is an educator and healing practitioner, with more than 25 years experience in the fields of Hypnotherapy, Energy Medicine, and Life Coaching. She has given presentations and workshops in Europe and conferences coast to coast. Elizabeth is an active member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (www.noetic.org), the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology (www.energypsych.org), and the International Association of Reiki Practitioners (www.iarp.org), as well as The American Counseling Association and The Hypnotherapist Union (Local 492). She is the host and producer of a local TV show: “Conscious Living”, airing at 9:00 PM on Channel 12, Tuesday and Saturday in the Anchorage, Alaska area. For more information, contact 907 275-3397 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              907 275-3397      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.