Drug detoxification or detox is the process of removing the toxic substances stored in the system due to long-term drug abuse. Detoxing from alcohol and drug effects would help the patient stop alcohol or drug abuse in the short term but follow-up treatments including therapies are essential for complete recovery. Substance abuse can be difficult to break and this addiction makes chemical changes in the human brain and body. Therefore detoxification should be given as a primary treatment process and should be medically supervised.

There is two main detox approaches one is natural and the other is medical detox. Both can be administered in an inpatient or outpatient facility center. A natural approach to Alcohol detoxification does not include any medications. While a medical detox makes use of pharmaceuticals. An alcohol detox drink or Alcohol detox diet is a process that can sometimes be difficult due to the withdrawal symptoms. There are many types of medications used in the drug detox centers process namely:

Opioid agonists
Non-opioid agonists
Partial agonists and antagonists
Opioid antagonists
The type of medications used in the detox process is based on the severity of addiction and the type of substance abused.

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