There is a fighter instinct in us to never give up. It is the inner strength rising up from within to deal with whatever cards we have been dealt. Determination is defined as “the act of coming to a decision or of fixing or settling a purpose”. When you have committed to some sort of purpose, you are taking action to make it happen. The Universe loves that kind of direction and will support you in many ways, even if it may not seem like that sometimes.

When you can combine your determination with vision, it will give you power to create the life you imagine! Whether it is overcoming an illness, prevailing over huge obstacles, or creating miracles in your life, you have the power within you to make it happen. You have the power within you to create the life of your dreams. Determination will get you there one way or another. It’s also important to remember to be flexible enough to allow the Universe to bring good things into your life, whatever form they may take because when you start being a conscious co-creator of your life, the Universe can, and often will, exceed your expectations. And let me tell you, that’s when it gets really fun!

My husband, Sergio, competed in swimming and trained for the Olympics. He learned very young to have a goal and do whatever it took to reach it—even if it meant throwing up after training so hard. His determination was instilled in him in his youth (which is why sports are so good for children!) We both had a common vision during those years of separation and we weren’t about to let it go. When we got scared or knocked down by yet another “loss”, we were able to pick ourselves up and keep going. This is determination. Combined with faith, hope, and appreciation, it is guaranteed you will get what you are striving towards. The path you take to get there may not be exactly what you expected, but you will reach your goals. And that’s the secret to working with the Universe: you get to decide “the what“ but you need to leave “the how” up to your partner in creation—your higher Source. Faith allows you to have the patience to trust in the process.

Make it your motto to do the best you can every single day, regardless of circumstances. That way you know you can look in the mirror and be proud that you have given it your all. I recently learned of a brave little girl, Jessica Rees, who was fighting brain cancer. I made contact with her just two weeks before she passed away. This young girl has inspired hundreds of thousands of people because her motto was NEGU, which stands for never ever give up. It may seem like perhaps her motto didn’t work since she passed away. However, her legacy and inspiration will last much longer and have a much greater impact so to me, her determination on helping others will go on for a long time.

Be sure to keep your dreams alive with your determination to make them happen. And you’ll see that they come to you in ways that can exceed your expectations. How do you plan to use your determination to make your dreams come true?

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Karin Volo is an expert in career development, tough transitions, and personal development. Karin has over 15 years experience working in Executive Search, with a unique international understanding of building successful businesses on two continents. Having worked with start-up companies to international organizations, she has gained a broad business viewpoint and has also helped hundreds of individuals discover and find their dream jobs. The common thread with all of her clients has been that they are experiencing a transformation.
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