The principles of Vastu Shastra have long been considered essential for creating an optimal office environment that promotes career growth and financial success. While your home is a reflection of your personal life, your office serves as a reflection of your professional life, making it crucial to design and maintain an office space that is Vastu compliant.

Adopting a few simple Vastu tips for offices can significantly enhance productivity, growth, and financial prosperity, making it well worth the investment. Given that most individuals spend a substantial portion of their day at work, accounting for almost one-third of their life, designing an office space that adheres to Vastu principles is of utmost importance.

When followed wisely, the Vastu for office doctrine can help bring an influx of positivity and prosperity to your workspace. Even existing offices can benefit from Vastu Shastra principles, with no need for structural changes.

Here are some of the Vastu tips for Office you must keep in mind:

• Ideal location for an office: According to Vastu Shastra, the ideal location for an office depends on the person sitting there and his work profile. For a person in accounts and finance, an office in the North direction is best. This is because the north is associated with lord Kuber, the treasurer of wealth. People in admin roles can have their office in the East direction of the building. East is associated with Sun, which gives the power to control as it is the lord of all planets. On the other hand, the Directors of CEO can sit in the South or South West directions.

• Entrance to the office: The entrance to the office should be in the centre of north, West, South or East directions. All these directions are believed to bring in positive energy. Try to always avoid an entrance in the diagonal corners like the South West or North West. The entrance should also be free of obstacles, as anything that obstructs the entrance may block the flow of energy into the office.

• Placement of furniture and equipment: The placement of furniture and equipment within the office should follow Vastu principles. For example, the desk of the boss or CEO should be in the Southwest corner of the room, as this is believed to bring stability and grounding. The computers and electrical equipment should be placed in the southeast corner, as this is associated with the fire element and can aid in productivity. Additionally, the placement of seating should be arranged in a way that supports good communication and interaction among employees.

• Colours in the office: Vastu Shastra believes that colours have a significant impact on mood and energy levels. Therefore, the colours used in the office should be chosen carefully. For example, the colour green is believed to promote growth while blue promotes calm and balance. The colour red is associated with energy and creativity while yellow brings stability. Grey can be used to promote focus and productivity, while orange is believed to bring enthusiasm and positivity.

• Plants in the office: Plants can be used to improve the energy flow within the office. However, they should be placed in the right locations according to Vastu principles. For example, a money plant should be placed in the southeast corner of the office to promote financial growth, while a bamboo plant can be placed in the East direction to enhance growth. Additionally, plants should be kept healthy and well-maintained to ensure they are benefiting the energy of the office.

• Pooja Room Placement: According to popular belief, a pooja room should only be located in the north-east corner of an office. While this may sound convincing, it's not the only option. North East is also known as the Ishaan koan. Lord Shiva, the giver of meditative strength, presides over this location, which is also associated with calmness and composure. The northeast is an excellent direction for meditators. But, for a business, expanding the bottom line is of utmost importance. According to Vastu Shastra, the West is one of the greatest directions for an office Pooja room. It's the path to happiness and prosperity.

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Abhishek Khandelwal, a qualified MBA, left his plush banking job to study Ancient Indian Vedic Sciences and Metaphysics. Through exploring Vastu, Astrology, Yoga, and Ayurveda, he found that understanding the balance between the universe inside us and outside of us was the key to a healthier and more peaceful life. He now works as a professional Astrologer and Vastu Consultant, an internationally certified Hatha Yoga & Vedanta Trainer. He is also an ardent promoter of Ancient Indian Sciences.