Heating and cooling systems now account for around 40% of a building's energy consumption worldwide, according to a study by the International Energy Agency (IEA).
The Agency says that as the standard of living increases, it is expected that more than 80% of growth in increased cooling space will take place in emerging and developing economies, pushing up energy demand.
Much of that growth will take place in cities, which is also where the greatest energy-saving potential is found. Under the IEA scenario limiting global temperature growth to 2 degrees by 2050 (or 2DS), urban areas will account for almost 85% of anticipated energy savings in refrigeration systems Ac Repair Brandon FL.
In OECD countries, a significant part of today's cooling demand space comes from the service sector. However, in countries outside the OECD, the energy consumption of cooling systems in residential buildings is expected to increase dramatically as demand for confounding in households in hot climates increases. This will be driven by an increase of more than 900 million new homes expected by 2050 in urban areas of countries outside the OECD.
The IEA indicates that these new homes represent an opportunity to implement innovative technological solutions and policies that can limit energy demand for refrigeration, and keep the world under the 2 degree scenario. These include, for example, the application of energy building codes that reduce the demand for refrigeration through efficiency of buildings and equipment technologies, including renovations of existing services in buildings. In new buildings, the first priority in building design and development policy should be to reduce the need for refrigeration altogether. For example, in hot climates, new construction and building renovations could incorporate reflective surfaces. In some cases, Buildings can take advantage of natural ventilation and night. These innovations can ultimately reduce energy investment needs while increasing residential comfort.
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