Eleven weeks today we’d have said hello to 2014!! So, are you thinking yet about the kind of year you really want to live in 2014, as the first step to deliberately designing your desires in 2014 is setting goals.

Below is my seven step formula to creating and achieving your goals to move from where you are today towards living the life of your dreams:

1. Let yourself dream and script the life you really want to be living by the end of 2014 in the major areas of your life. Get specific! Get into the detail as that will make it easier to set your goals as you’ll know where you’re headed. For instance, if you want to own your own home, or move to a new home, include all the details.
Ask: Where do I want to live? What does my new home look like? What size, how many bedrooms? What’s the colour scheme, kitchen, bathroom look like? Who will be living with me, what will be happening? What will be going on around me?
Do: Start a journal to script your dream 2014. My coaching clients do this process using my Master Dream List at the beginning of their journey. Email info@corrcoaching.com for a FREE copy during October.

2. Create goals from your vision. Get very specific.
Ask: What do I want? When do I want it by?
Then, create monthly mini goals of what you’ll do and by when with deadlines, followed by the weekly and daily actions you’ll take. Ensure they’re doable, as you’re more likely to do them if you think you’ll succeed.
Ask: What are all the steps I will need to complete to achieve my goal? Using the example of buying or moving house, you’ll need to research locations, look at homes for sale, your finances, mortgages, furniture.
Ask: What Habits do I need to put in place on a daily basis to achieve my goal and start a Check Off List - How am I Doing with my Habits monthly chart. Email info@corrcoaching.com for a copy.

3. Write SMART (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) goals, clearly in the present tense. A SMART goals looks like ‘I will save ten thousand pounds for a house deposit by the end of June 2014.’

4. Know and keep your WHY in the fore front of your mind to keep you motivated.
Ask: Why do I want to achieve this goal? How will I feel when I get there? What is the price I’m paying for not achieving this goal?

5. Identify the obstacles to achieving your goal.
Ask: What might stop me achieving my goal? What obstacles are within my control? Out of my control?
For instance, in the SMART goal above ask Is it doable to save that amount of money in the timescale? If it isn’t What’s the solution? What further goal do I need to set to attain the money?

6. Every new goal requires you to become a new you! You attract who you are being.
Ask: What do I need to learn\put in place to become someone who achieves this goal? Will I need any help, and if so, from whom? What do I have to do to earn their support? Who can I invite into my support group? How will I make myself accountable?

7. Celebrate every win. A win includes the steps you take to accomplish our goal as well as achieving your goal! Reward yourself for your accomplishments, which could be taking the rest of the day off, or, if your budget allows, a day at the spa, trip to the theatre. Success breeds success!
Do: Journal Your Journey! Start keeping a journal last thing at night; include your successes that day, what’s gone well for you? What have you learned? Make it FUN, buy the most gorgeous book you can afford, a special pen or use different coloured pens, glitter pens, blue for goals, red for success, green for money success and pink for gratitude. Draw or cut out pictures and stick in your journal. Ask
Ask: The universe, your higher self, whatever means something to you for assistance by writing what you need, again with gratitude ‘Thank you universe for sending (insert desire) I’m so grateful.‘ If I knew I had all the resources I need what would I be doing differently? If I truly thought I was unstoppable what would I being doing? What is my next step?

New at keeping a journal, check out my forty/fifty day journals at https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CorrsCornerShop

Hope this helps you with your goal setting. Please feel free to email me, I’d love to hear how your goal setting is going.

Feeling overwhelmed? Watch this space as I will be taking you through this process step by step over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, call | text me on +44 7827 932138, email info@corrcoaching.com or visit my website www.corrcoaching.com and download my FREE E Book | sign up for FREE 7 Day E Course.

Author's Bio: 

Madeline is a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, Certified Life and Business Coach, Author and Workshop Facilitator.

Having pursued a career in business for over thirty years, Madeline decided to follow her lifelong interest in self-improvement, resulting in a desire to pass this new found passion in life to others.

On her journey, the belief 'I create my own reality' was so empowering it enabled her to turn her life around from just living to deliberately creating her ideal future. Through her own research and personal life experiences she has created amazing relationships, a lovely home, her ideal body, a fulfilling career and a thriving business. Using the same tools and techniques she helps others bridge that gap.