Imagination is Power!

John Lennon entitled a song “Imagine.” Thoreau once said: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined.” Neville once said: “Imagination is the very gateway of reality.”

Are you waking up to a new way of being? Can you feel something rumbling deep within you, calling out to live more creatively, successfully, joyfully? The fragmented ways of your old thinking cannot bridge the divide between mind and matter, body and soul, challenges and dreams. What if you build your finances, your business, your health, your relationships and your life around imagination and use your mental images, thoughts and feelings to attract the fulfillment of your dreams? By intentionally shifting into new states of consciousness you can change your blueprints of reality and affect your world. Imagination is power and you have it! Imagination creates reality.

Life is a banquet

Life is a banquet, so why are so many starving to death with unfulfilled desires? Laziness, complacency, no time, fear of the unknown – you name it and the excuses line up. It's up to you to impress your subconscious mind with beneficial images of success. Doing this allows you to shift from undesirable patterns of being disempowered into habits that empower you.

Everything begins with a dream, a purpose or a goal. Being able to focus and concentrate in the midst of chaos gives you the winner's advantage. You are a “focuser of energy.” Focus plus uplifted emotional moods are the keys to your success. Whatever you do, never lose focus!

Everybody Wants a Better Life

Everybody wants a better life, but if you do the same old things in the same old way you will get the same old results. If a farmer plants corn seeds, he gets corn; he doesn't get tomatoes. If you focus on failure, poverty, or violent ideas how will you harvest (attract) success, wealth, or peace. If you want to change the results you are getting, you must change your images, because thought is creative. How to begin? First you must have a desire that is far greater than what you are currently experiencing.

The World

The world is a series of pictures, frames in a piece of film, or states of consciousness. What you are conscious of is real to you because you think and feel it is real. Your world is your very own personal mirror, forever mirroring your thoughts. It is your dream or your nightmare. What would you dare to dream if you knew you could not fail? What would be different in your life and how would you feel if you realized your dream?

Intentional Creation

The key to Intentional Creation is to know that everything is first created in your own imagination from an idea. It is then projected out into the world as experience. If your experiences aren't fulfilling, or what you had hoped for, then perhaps it is time to shift into a new state of awareness!

Just Imagine

Images or mental pictures are your prayers. Your inner blueprints (images) determine your behavior and the results you attract in life. They set the boundaries for what you can and cannot accept. Living your life without a proper success image is like building a house without a blueprint.

• Do you know how to design a success blueprint?
• Is your dream worthy of your talents and time?
• Would having it enable you to help those you love?
• What will becoming a conscious imagist do for you?

Here are 8 Keys to Fulfilling Your Dream and Achieving Your Goal:

1. Design a mind-compelling blueprint for success that has deep meaning for you to complete.

2. Propel yourself into action. Never despair over the time it takes for your dream to become a living reality.

3. Focus! Concentrate on your goal, not the challenge and you will burn a hole in anything that stands in the way of your success.

4. Expand your thoughts as you modify your habits and behavior.

5. Be patient. Recycle feelings of anger and fear into joy and gratitude.

6. Be receptive and responsive to inner guidance and outer assistance.

7. Success in any endeavor is measured by your belief in your deeper self.

8. Walk in the awareness of answered prayer.

What kind of mental image do you hold of yourself? Everything you attract is an expression of your beliefs. Every person, your job, income, kinds of friends all correspond to your inner blueprints. Nothing is impossible to Imagination – not poverty, stress, and not even adversity. Riches are within your reach. Anything you dream of- a healthy body, gainful employment, loyal friends, or a greater understanding of the Source of Supply can be summoned, once you consistently apply the Laws of Attraction to yourself. Imagine what you will attract once you know how to consciously use the Power of Imagination on your own behalf.

Your ability to succeed is unlimited. Never close a door on a dream – your dreams are calling you!

Author's Bio: 

This definition is part of a series that covers the topic of Imagination. The Official Guide to Imagination is Melissa Zollo.

Melissa Zollo is a renowned imagist, inspirational speaker, and consultant focused on Creative Imagination, self-empowerment, self-healing, consciousness, and the art of manifestation. She teaches people how to use the Universal Laws of Success, and how to face personal and professional challenges by designing successful blueprints and beliefs. Her clear voice, vision, and wisdom have helped people from all walks of life, including Finance, Health, Publishing, Entertainment, and the Arts. 

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