Everyone complains about being tired. You’re tired at work, you’re tired when you go out, you’re even tired on vacation. There is no way to defeat the fatigue that sets in naturally with adulthood, right?


There is a surefire solution for the dreary cloud of exhaustion that follows you around every day. What is it, you ask? It’s sleep.

Don’t look so surprised! If you slept you would be able to feel rested and comfortable all day. You do sleep? Well, studies show that people should get between 8 and 9 hours of sleep a night, no more, no less. If you don’t sleep, you can rack up a sleep debt. And unlike credit card bills, a sleep debt is impossible to pay off. You need to stop skipping sleep now and you will feel better!

But what do you do when you put aside enough time for sleeping but the bus to dreamland never comes? While I can’t promise any guarantees, I can offer a few suggestions to aid your sleep problem.

One of the solutions you can try is to start exercising regularly. If you get your body pumping you can burn off some of your excess energy! Not only will this help you feel healthier over all, but it will help your body relax when it is time for you to climb into bed. This is an easy way for many people to overcome their sleep problems. However, if you already exercise regularly, or if you try this and it does not work for you, there are other actions you can take.

Aromatherapy is something that works well for people. The soothing scents of lavender, vanilla, and chamomile can send signals through your olfactory system and on to the limbic system of your brain that tell your body to relax. Aromatherapy is gaining popularity these days and you can find a variety of products that could aid your sleep. Products range from candles and lotions to even pillows with calming scents built in! This is a very easy adjustment that you can make to your sleeping arrangements and it could greatly benefit you!

However, sometimes aroma therapy is not enough. If this is the case for you, I suggest a sound therapy. Similar to aromatherapy, the sounds that your brain hears can help your body to feel things. If you play something soothing, studies show that your body will relax while listening to it. Your brain is even proven to pick up sounds while you’re sleeping.

Most sleep sound therapy machines will let you choose from a variety of different soothing tones. You can opt for a soothing classic piece or chant. Or you could pick nature sounds to help relax you and bring you back to a primal state. You can even choose white noise if you just need something to add a little bit of a buzz to your room. Fans can work well for this as well.

Sleeping is something that is necessary for human survival. You can’t afford to put it off and rack up a sleep debt you will never pay off. Do yourself a favor and try out some of these methods for sleep aid. They are as easy as a dream.

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