If you have been suffering from backache, physical therapy is sure to work very well for you. Physical therapy is useful for healing all strains of backache, irrespective of whether the pain has occurred without any particular cause, or if it is caused due to a more serious underlying factor, like arthritis.

Back Pain and Physical Therapy are Interrelated

One of the most common implements of physical therapy is for healing a sore back - which is a commonplace occurrence. By decompressing the spine, physical therapy can work towards relieving any underlying cause of pain, like a pinched nerve in the back.

Since older times, physical therapy has found its implementation in form of massage. A massage relaxes tense muscles, and when one massages the back, a massage also provides traction to the back.

The Decompression Belt

The Decompression Belt is a device greatly effective for healing a sore back. And the best part is that when you use the Decompression Belt, you require no external assistance for the same.

The belt is based upon the principle of physical therapy for the spine, and comes with a manually operated air pump. On inflation the Decompression Belt rises vertically in height. This heals the back by multiple mechanisms.

1. It massages, or tractions the back.

2. As the belt rises in height, it decompresses, or creates more space between the vertebrae. This simply reverses the effect of gravity and our posture, so the back can relax.

3. The Decompression Belt takes the weight of the upper body off the lower back, which is known to be the underlying cause of backache in most cases.

You can put the belt on and carry on with the activities that were earlier painful, like cooking, working before the terminal, playing sports and anything that involves bending, like lifting the laundry.

Now with the Decompression Belt, you can do more and be the way you always wanted to be. It makes it easier for you to play with your children, drive comfortably and even ensures better sleep at night.

Decompression Belt: It's A Snug Fit!

And the best part is, you can put the Decompression Belt on and carry on with your day, just like you always do! You can wear the belt under your clothes, and being a snug fit, other wouldn't even know that you're wearing it.

How Do I Use The Decompression Belt?

One just needs to put the belt on and inflate it using the hand operated air pump. On inflation, the Decompression Belt rises vertically in height to provide traction to the back.

The Decompression Belt Lets The Nerves Breathe!

The belt decompresses the spine, or applies pressure to create space in between the vertebrae, such that there is more room for the nerves.

o One can get over any underlying conditions like a pinched nerve in the back.

o And this works not just when one suffers from a backache, but also for related conditions like a shooting pain in the arms or legs.

Who Can Use This Belt?

The Decompression Belt is highly recommendable for anyone with back pain or radiating neck pain. Some medical conditions for which the belt works effectively to relieve pain include

• acute back pain,
• lower back pain
• scoliosis,
• spinal stenosis
• degenerative or bulging discs and leg pain caused by the same,
• sciatica treatment
• slipped disc
• sore back from sitting or driving

While relieving pain and discomfort, the belt has also shown to strengthen the back and core. With reduced pain, you can be more active, and this keeps your back healthier and stronger.

Say Goodbye to Back Pain!

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