If the internet hasn’t convinced you enough to get a cat, we don’t know what will. To be honest, cat memes and snippets are what floods most Instagram and face book feeds. Whether you’re a cat person or not, you are aware of the fact that keeping cats as a pet is not rare but rather very common. Whilst no one really knows when and how this trend started, we do know that social media and “animal pro” websites have played a profound role in the increase in cat –keeping.

Despite cats being a popular choice to keep as a pet, it’s no secret that the animal can come with its own diva tantrums and yes, we mean that literally. Cats are known to have mood swings and that too, unexpected one’s. Whilst no one really mentions just how much of a maintenance this pet can be, an owner of one can tell you loads about the other side of the cute, adoring pet that the internet’s obsessed with.

Twitching its tail? Whining too much? You cannot always seem to tell what’s up with your pet cat but they are surprisingly good at telling us exactly what they’re feeling. Most cat owners claimed that their cat had seasonal shifts in behavior. Meaning, that the impact of the season and weather had a significant influence over the mood and behavior of their cat.

Whilst it’s true that most pets do have mood swings according to the change in weather, for cats this is an understood characteristic. Well, at least to those who own cats.

Understanding the Moods:

Scared: When your cat is scared, it may hunch down and have its eyes wide open. This is an indication of fear, and this sign is very easy to spot. Your cat may also do this in the rainy season as not many cats like getting wet.

Happy: Whilst cats don’t really smile as people do, it’s still pretty easy to decode this mood. This is mostly showcased in the cats’ body language. Upright, curled tails and a calm demeanor are signs you should look out for. Your cat may also feel this way in warm weather. This could mean near the fireplace, or even in its makeshift bed. The cozy weather makes a happy cat.

Agitated and Aggressive: Long, overdone meows and fast wagging tails is what you’re looking for. Let’s be honest, we’ve seen this one every now and then. While there isn’t a particular season or setting that can cause your cat to feel this way, your cat may also be scared and is acting out to defend itself. No seasonal change needed here, fellow cat owners.

Affectionate: It’s actually claimed by most owners that cats are most affectionate in fall season. Now this may be vague, but this claim got a lot of backing up by other fellow cat owners. While we may not know what causes cats to be this way particularly during fall, we know we love it when our cat wants to play, and is generally open to cuddling.

Ensuring the Happiness of Your Cat:

Most people forget to treat cats like they used to when they were first welcomed into their house. Try doing fun activities with your cat, this includes but is not limited to taking strolls in the park, playing with a ball of yarn etc. In fact, some of these activities have become so common that marketing industries have not only come up with cat-exclusive cereal, but cat strollers as well. So next time you want to take a walk down to the park be sure to take your furry companion with you to keep them and you happy.

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Torsi is a professional blogger.