Usually when we think of clutter, we're referring to stuff seeping out of basements and closets and garages. We all have things we don't use anymore, whether it's clothes, toys, old gifts, knickknacks, and odds and ends. Most of the time our clutter ends up in piles and we forget what is buried underneath.

Once upon a time our stuff was valuable, but over the years it starts to accumulate and leaves no room for new things.

Maybe you have a dress hanging in your closet that was worn once 10 years ago. You've always meant to wear that dress again, but never seem to find an occasion. Or maybe you've moved across the country a few times carrying the same old boxes that never get opened and end up in your storage shed.

Overtime, clutter wears us down. Our stuff becomes overwhelming and adds stress into our lives. We no longer have room to grow (both literally and figuratively!). Clutter also takes the form of old beliefs, perceptions, and people.

As I state in my book, Just Give Your Head a Shake, de-cluttering might mean recognizing that you have outgrown unsupportive people. Most of us do not have the same group of friends in adulthood that we had in kindergarten. As we mature and grow it's natural for new friends to come into our lives and others to drop out. Remember the old saying, "when one door closes another opens."

Even though ending a relationship with an unsupportive person might be hard, you are doing yourself a favor. Negative people want to keep you at their level of negativity. Look at the purpose of the relationship and decide if it's worth keeping or if it's time to de-clutter.

Instead of focusing on the fear of being alone or not being able to meet new people, align yourself with positive energy and the willingness to try on new things and new people. This way you'll have renewed excitement and opportunity to de-clutter whatever obstacles come your way, including your own perceptions. The people in your life will learn quickly that they either have to change their negative ways or they will lose you.

De-cluttering your life is a continuous process. While it may be hard to say goodbye to that dress from 10 years ago or that person who is bringing you down, you are making room for new treasures and experiences to come your way.

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Cheryl Hitchcock Author of "Give Your Head a Shake... and change your life for the better" is a Stress Management and Spiritual Coach with over 13 years of counselling and spiritual experience. Cheryl enables her clients to manage, as well as eliminate stress and related problems. She also conducts seminars and workshops that cater to Stress Management and Spirituality. For more information please visit and receive her free ebook "How to Overcome Depression without Medication".