Dear Marathon,

We really need to talk.

Dear David,

I am always happy to. What is on your mind?

I cannot seem to shake you. I say I don’t want to run you again, but somehow, someway, you find your way into my life.

Why do you think that is?

I have no idea.

I think you have some idea.

OK, some idea. But leaving those aside, doing long runs is brutal. I struggle with them. I dislike them. The event has become expensive. And crowded.

Yes, that is true. Probably a few others you have not mentioned either. What I really am interested in is the “leaving those aside” comments. Leaving what aside?

The good things.

Why in the world would you leave good things aside. Why not put them front and center?

I had not looked at it that way.

Oh I beg to differ. In fact, that is the only way you look at it. For you, I am a cross between psychology and religion, between meditation and mental health. Together, we have gone through so much. We have worked out so many problems, created so many opportunities and connected with our Tao. We blended together with Nature so much so that it is hard to tell when we end and Nature begins. We have healed your doubts and dried your tears. We have learned to push, to dig deeply and find new skills and talents and best of all, pure guts.

You are most alive during the time we spend together. I remind you how beautiful it is to be in a healthy body. To be part of something special and to be one of the few willing to take me on.

I realize I have been hard on you. I have been the catalyst for breaking down your barriers, exposing your doubts and fears and forcing you to look inside. To look into the deep, dark and scary areas you so carefully avoid.

Yes, at Mile 20, I try to take you down, knowing full well that I cannot. Your heart is always greater than my distance. Your passion provides the fuel to get you past my finish line. At that moment, you are at your best. . . dare I say, partially because of me.

You have a blend of sweat and tears, along with a smile that would light up New York City when you cross my finish line. You not only completed me, you shattered your barriers and self-limiting beliefs about things that matter to you. Then, you share them with others who have the opportunity to do the same. You pay it forward because of me. And because of you. Mostly, because of us.

I do not haunt you. I do not seek you out. You need me, the way I need people like you. You see, some run me because of a number on a watch. Some run me to check me off their “list.” There is nothing wrong with these, but for those who have the vision, I am much, much more. You get me. You really, really get me.

That is why I need you too

I can never lie to you.

That is not true. When we are together, we can never lie to each other. I am telling you now, I am a beast. I will do my best to take you down and make you quit. I also know that you will rise up and find a way to overcome me.

You know, we make a great team.

Yes. . . . yes we do.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. David Orman is the creator of the best selling Doc Wellness Formula found at and an annual marathoner.