Divorce is traumatic. Having been through it personally, I can speak to the fact that even if you are ending a terrible marriage, there is still trauma and grieving. You may not be grieving the reality of your marriage, but rather grieving the death of all your hopes and dreams..what you hoped your marriage would become.

When I ended a twelve year disaster of a marriage with divorce, I never expected to feel anything except relief that it was finally over with. I was shocked and dismayed to find that I felt a deep sadness over what my marriage might have become and never did.

Anyone who marries hopes for a happy and fulfilling relationship and a loving partner. My dreams were no different than anyone elses. We all want that happy ending. My marriage was so bad that getting a divorce saved my sanity, and probably saved my life, but in spite of that I grieved.

At the time of my divorce, I had never heard of EFT, so I toughed it out, and leaned on friends, family and coworkers to get me through the rough times. Knowing what I know now about EFT, I wish that it had been a part of my life back then, because I know it could have made a huge difference in my life.

The tapping script below is dedicated to all who are now going through a divorce, or have recently been though one, and still are feeling that deep sadness over the death of their marriage.

Tapping Script For Dealing With a Divorce

Setup - Karate chop:

Eyebrow: I'm feeling so sad about my divorce
Outside eye: I wanted to have a happy marriage
Under eye: I wanted to live happily ever after
Under nose: But my marriage was miserable
Chin: It's painful going through a divorce
Collar bone: Even when you know it's the right thing to do
Under arm: I feel so sad about what might have been
Top of head: And now that will never happen.

Eyebrow: Even though I know in my heart that my marriage is over
Outside eye: It's still hard to let go of all my hope and dreams
Under eye: My heart hoped that we'd be together forever
Under nose: But there was no way that could be
Chin: It's time to start letting go of all that sadness that I feel
Collar bone: Breathing out that sadness with each breath I take
Under arm: Letting go of the dreams that can never be
Top of head: As I move toward healing.

Eyebrow: I'm ready to let go of this pain that I'm feeling
Outside eye: Because I really want to feel better
Under eye: I'm releasing the sadness from every cell of my body
Under nose: As I leave the grief about the end of my marriage behind
Chin: Transforming all that negative energy
Collar bone: Into an energy of peace and healing
Under arm: Letting go of the last of my sadness and grief
Top of head: And feeling much more at peace with myself.

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