Science does not recognize anything that isn’t logical or concrete, that is why a lot of doctors and medical practitioners shun the emotional freedom technique to be pseudoscientific and one that is rather ambiguous.

Ambiguous or not, emotional freedom technique is on the contrary, showing great results in treatment of psychological-based disorders. An alternate form of psychotherapy and proceeding from the notion of the body’s ability to heal itself (natural healing), emotional freedom technique or EFT basically works by tapping at the energy centers in the body.

The universe is made up of energy and so is our body. EFT works on the basis that when the energy sources within our body is facing an imbalance, it has a profound influence on the quality of our life: both physical and mental.

The technique aims to surface the deeply embedded cause of pain and stress, and then eliminate it altogether by repeating affirmations and tapping away at the particular point. This tapping of the fingertips is mainly to transfer kinetic energy.

Understand that there are a number of acupressure meridians on our bodies and even on our fingertips, so while you are tapping at the points whether it is below the eye, on either side of the temple, or below the arms, it results in the pressure points pressing against each other, from either side.

Does EFT help in dealing with Stress?

Emotional Freedom Technique has shown some remarkable changes when it comes to tackling and treating stress and anxiety. Since, the very basis of the treatment lies in addressing the cause of your pain, fear, and discomfort, and then eradicating the same with repeatedly chanting affirmative mantra like ‘Even though I have this stress and anxiety, I completely love and accept myself’ it helps to deal with stress as well.

Considering that it is the amygdala (the parts of the brain that deals with emotions and feelings), which is responsible for triggering anxiety and worsening stress, the technique is bound to work since it plays on emotions and energy together.

Every person’s perspective and reaction to stress differs and hence it could be that the technique works faster for some people, but in reality being persistent does pay off. EFT uses a combination of verbal and mental reinforcement, which sooner or later affects the root cause and eradicates the factor completely.

In some cases, people have healed physical pain. An incident states that a person with post-traumatic anxiety and who had given up on walking altogether citing immense pain, started with EFT and within a year not only had the pain subsided, the said person was already walking with crutches.

A practitioner will demonstrate the correct way of tapping at the pressure points, which is relatively easy and you shall be able to pick this up in no time. Once you get the idea of practicing EFT on a regular basis, you will be able to deal with stress in a much better and less painful way.

Here is a video demonstrating the various Emotional Freedom Techniques that help in curbing stress and anxiety.

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My name is Mulyadi Kurnia. I am a practitioner of meditation and yoga and has been experiencing the benefits of the practices. Having gone through the periods of stress and anxiety myself, I know first hand of how unpleasant this experience could be. Through this article, I intend to share my knowledge and experience on stress-related topics. For more information on stress management tips, visit,