NDIS is a government initiative to support people with intellectual, physical, sensory, cognitive, and psychosocial disabilities and enable them to live their life in their optimal condition. A lot of people are held back by their disabilities from living their life to its fullest, whether it be their career, personal, or public life. To remedy this, the NDIS scheme aims to bring people with disabilities to the forefront of their society to take positive roles.

Australian citizens who have significant and lifelong impairments under 65 are the eligible demographic for this scheme. Every NDIS ‘participant’ will have an individual plan and according to this approved plan, they will receive funding directly from the National Disability Insurance Agency.

The participants can use the funding to purchase the required supports from NDIS support providers. NDIS providers are another important stakeholder in the disability services industry. They are eligible to provide you with the disability support services approved by the NDIA. NDIS providers could be either registered or non-registered. If a participant’s plan is managed by NDIA, they can only access the services from a registered provider.

It’s a common conception that the supports provided by NDIS are limited to support staff and assistive technology. However, under the capacity building support, the scheme helps you access various independence-skills developing programs as well.

Aastha Community Services, a registered NDIS participant based in Southern Australia, has been providing disability services to participants for over a decade now. If you think you are eligible for NDIS or want to purchase support, reach out to us. We will sit with you and guide you through all the specificities of the plan.

As mentioned, not every type of disability is eligible for insurance. However, Aastha can provide you with valuable resources such as information about other schemes and networking to help communities.

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Aastha Community Services is a registered NDIS provider, delivering NDIS support services across Western Australia. Aastha delivers support and services which enable NDIS participants to achieve their goals and lead an independent life.