I feel it is an honor and a privilege to have a daughter or more.
The more the better (within reason) to adore!

As a mother of two daughters, I recollect and reflect on happiness.
I try not to think about having to clean their rooms from an unkept mess.

Fond is the memory of each one’s birth as their toes were counted from one to ten.
Visitors were ward off from coming too close, like an anxious mother hen.

Long were the nights kept rocking and nursing at regular intervals, too.
Try not to remember those sleepless nights that made us blue.

Finally, the day came to celebrate when a tooth came in so they could eat solid food.
An old Arabic children’s song was sung by their father in a financial mood.

Their grandmother, called Sittie, clapped her hands to that song, too.
As she remembered her husband singing the same song trying not to be blue.

Why would the menfolk sing a song that would make them frown?
It is because father will have to work harder to feed the family all around.

Once our daughter would be bounced on our knees the frown disappeared!
The tiny giggles and smiles warming our hearts were cheered.

Life started to change when baby became a toddler and started to crawl.
Soon afterwards she would take her first step as we followed to avoid a fall.

After that the days seemed to fly by and soon, she was in school riding the bus away.
No longer could we as parents be there, so we trusted in prayer to show the way.

I think the hardest part of my daughters growing up was that separation.
No longer was mother the center of their Universe in heartfelt contemplation.

The cord between mother and daughter became stretched to go across miles.
This daughter had it in her heart to leave home for college with sad smiles.

Her bedroom seemed so empty and now no longer unkept with clutter.
As she graduated from college, she would have to earn her own bread and butter.

Now let us reflect on not just having a daughter, but being a daughter, too.
I am not just talking about physical kin, but part of a Spiritual Oneness as a clue.

What is being referenced is becoming a daughter in the love and light.
Granted we are born into this Spiritual family, yet it is a choice to make with might!

According to the Great Sovereign Lord and Father Emmanuel it is time to choose.
These times were prophesized a long time ago and the world has become confused.

The truth has been revealed by Him and Caeayaron, the Great Mountain of Light, too.
They have been speaking through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel whom we should pursue.

What makes her so special is that she is and was the Divine Love Element and more.
Her title continues as Sovereign Galactic Love Channel, former Jesus whom we adore!

How else would the Supreme Creator speak to His creation, you see?
He needed a radio signal (as in Suzanna’s channel) to send His love to you and me.

If you feel you have been called now to investigate what was revealed, please do.
Look in her website, www.suzannamariaemmanuel-caeayaron.com and be anew!

Author's Bio: 

As of June 2018 I became a Star Sacred World Healer, Universal Love Teacher, and Magnetically Attuned Healer by Caeayaron. This means I became what is called, Activated with the Great Mountain of Light Caeayaron and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel the Divine Love Element and Galactic Sovereign Love Channel for Caeayaron and Sovereign Father Lord Emmanuel the Great. My testimonial for the gifts received is on their website, www.suzannamariaemmanuel-caeayaron.com