If traditional dating has not served you well in the past it is probably because you have been following the mainstream and operating by default.

If you are ready for more positive experiences, it may be time for you to consider taking a different approach.

Life is supposed to be fun and that includes dating. When you have an awareness of Law of Attraction and how it affects everything in your life, your dating experiences will be more enjoyable and you will have more satisfying outcomes. Throw in the Law of Deliberate Creation and the Law of Allowing into the mix and it becomes a whole new ball game! Get ready for a string of home runs!

Here is what you need to know before and when you enter the dating scene:

Connect with your Source. "There is no relationship of greater importance to achieve than the relationship between you, in your physical body, right here and now, and the Soul/Source/God from which you have come. If you tend to that relationship first and foremost, you will then, and only then, have the stable footing to proceed into other relationships." ~Abraham-Hicks

Be the kind of person you want to date. If you have a certain kind of person in mind that you would like to spend time with, or maybe spend your life with, you must be a vibrational match. Law of Attraction says "that which is like unto itself, is drawn." In other words, if you are not happy with yourself, you will attract dates who are not happy with themselves. Consider the traits you are looking for in a person and if your own current traits will match up. The people you attract will be a mirror of who you are.

Treat yourself and others how you want to be treated. If you want to be treated with respect, be respectful to yourself and those around you. If you want someone who is affectionate, give yourself hugs. If you want someone to whisper sweet nothings in your ear, say words of love and encouragement to yourself. Personal development teacher and author, Louise Hay, advises people to look themselves in the eye every morning in the mirror and say "I love you." Start loving yourself and you will attract loving people.

Get into the feeling of what you want to experience. Imagine yourself after the date and how you would like to feel. Imagine the chemistry between the two of you, the conversation, the touches, the eye contact. Imagine how these interactions make you feel. The Law of Attraction will yield to you whatever your emotions are so your feelings will draw more of the same to you. This is truly the key to having whatever you want and is worth investing time into mastering.

Let your intention be to have fun. Instead of getting out there with the expectation of finding "the one", let your goal be to have fun, to feel good, and connect with others for the simple pleasure of enjoying their company. Let go of any agenda and simply go with the flow. This puts you in allowing mode and that's when "the one" will most likely cross your path.

Follow your inspirations. If you are not feeling inspired to date, then wait. It is your Inner Guidance telling you that you are not yet up to speed with what you want. If you feel inspired to join an online dating site, then do it. Someone who is a vibrational match may be waiting to connect with you. Or your perfect date might be someone in your own back yard who shows up one day at the grocery store, just when you gave up thinking there was anyone worth dating in your area. Be open and stay tuned in to the inspiration your Inner Guidance gives you.

Dating can be a joyful, playful experience that enhances your life and contributes to your personal growth. Just remember to be easy about it, don't take things too seriously and let your dominant intention be to feel good. The Universe will take care of the rest.

Author's Bio: 

Christa Smith is a Freedom Coach and EFT Practitioner. "I believe...we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We have the freedom of choice, to do, be or have anything we desire. Freedom, abundance and joy is our birth right. I believe our path in life is to follow our bliss! My mission...is to assist you on the road to freedom." If you want to learn how to live life deliberately rather than by default visit her website at http://www.law-of-attraction-resource-guide.com/index.html