Here is a solution that is developed to aid the users to migrate data elements between two SQL servers. Importing and exporting of the data is done in the CSV or XML format.

The solution is exclusively meant for Database migration. Moving the table along with the data between to SQL servers is carried out with no ambiguity. The users can be worry free about expecting any potential issues that can arise when shifting the table to the desired server. Users can also import or export the data into CSV or XML format. Through this application, all the relevant activities can be automated by scheduling the job at particular frequency. Manual changes can be avoided with the automated process of scheduling the tasks.

The business challenge was to develop the database migration tool to assist data migration between two SQL servers without any sort of manipulations in the data tables. One of the critical tasks that cannot go wrong was to successfully run the import and export jobs/activities for the selected tables at a regular frequency. Also the developers successfully accomplished this challenge by creating user friendly UI for import/export activity and also migration services can be scheduled to migrate the selected information into CSV/XML formats at defined frequencies.

The other challenging task was to control the conflicts arising during import. The data at cost could not be compromised. This parameter too is successfully accomplished with the data conversion between the compatible data types. Each of the conflict will be recorded in the log. If the particular record fails due to database constraints, then that particular record will be skipped and the operation continues uninterrupted.

As for the software solution framed for this application secured logins and access controls to the applications were created at the workstation registration and user level. The data base scheme along with the table was designed to be migrated between two SQL server databases. Importing and exporting of the data in either CSV or XML formats was made available to the application. Another milestone of importing/exporting of activities was scheduled accurately to run at a particular automates frequency through a scheduler.
Application records all the activities into logs for future references. The importing functionality continues with next record insertion even if the first record fails due to database constraints/rules.

This application was developed with a sole purpose of providing an entire business solution for database migration between SQL servers irrespective of their versions.
The solution provides an entire business solution for database migration between SQL servers (any version).

The application developed is easy to use and is capable to act as a mediator between the databases to a third party application. The table constraints are easily handled without stopping the complete operation making it a complete suite for database migration purposes.

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