We have a dance within us between the part of us that craves certainty and a part of us that wants to explore and have adventures.

You can do any dance in Meditation.

Give yourself a command to be joyous You can feel an kind of amazing state of being when a performer sings your body begins to move to the beat !!

Find out what needs to be warmed, what makes you want to move instead of being stagnant Move in a beautiful way so that others want to watch and admire you !!

Affirmation: I want to move Gracefully, I want to live Gracefully!!

Inhabit a Beautiful Space !

Dance like no one is watching

Love like you have never been hurt

Work like you dont need the money

I hope this will bring some clarity to you!!

Enjoy and to your Success
©Ermalinda Lynch
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Author's Bio: 

Ermalinda is a writer as well as a Life Coach. Ermalinda is an inspiration and has a fantastic way of putting a message accross.