We are very familiar with church sermons whenever we attend a certain christian service or gathering. Since the time we come to know God and our Saviour, a lot of things are being fed into our mind so that we may continuously grow mature in our spiritual walk with God.

The question is, do we really value every sermon? Or what happens is that we listen but always failed to apply? Unfortunately, most of us truly forget the sermon we hear every church service. It’s a sad thing to know since we are ought to become closer to God every time we hear His word.

What should we do?

I heard a fellow churchmate saying to me that we are truly blessed by receiving the free salvation from our Savior Jesus Christ. He experienced all the suffering and trials just for the sake of saving us from our sins. Yes, of course we all know the salvation teaching, but does our christianity stop there? No it DOESN’T!

If walking with God is developed thru our constant communication and devotion with God everyday, the church sermons are reminders that our whole church should know. Maybe there will be times that you feel bored about certain teachings, but you know what? Value every sermon because it’s not your pastor who is truly speaking, its God speaking thru him.

"It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God". (Matthew 4:4)

Living our everyday lives is very difficult, there are a lot of trials to face but if we will have something to look back, like our church notes, notebooks which will strengthen us every time we feel weak.

Again, teach yourself to value every sermon you hear because God has a purpose why He allowed you to hear that Word from HIM. In fact, if you will not give attention to that, attending the church is nonsense because it does not impact your life.

Author's Bio: 

Edwin Joseph is a former self help and personal development writer which now focused on writing christian devotionals to share the word of God online.

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