Words can shape and create our reality. The words that we speak become the things in our lives. Every word that you think or say becomes a blueprint for your mind to make it a reality.

And these daily affirmations below can assist in empowering yourself towards attracting and manifesting your desires. As you affirm these every single day, they become your beliefs, and you then attract them powerfully into your reality.

Choose the ones that feel best for you as you affirm them, and continuously use them on a daily basis. Let's begin affirming.

I am a masterpiece of the Universe.

I am protected and guided at all times.

I am a magnet of everything I desire.

I am worthy and whole.

The Universe always is working in my favor.

The Universe has got my back.

Wonderful things fall into place for me.

Happiness and love comes naturally to me.

I am growing myself beyond my wildest imagination.

I am becoming a better version of me every day.

I have gifts to offer to the world.

I am embracing all of who I am.

I am open to receive the right people and circumstances at the right time.

I am always evolving towards my highest good.

I am constantly expanding towards new discoveries and new journeys.

I have the power to attract whatever I desire into my life.

Law of attraction works powerfully for me.

Law of attraction is my friend. It serves me well every day.

I am now in a never-ending process of realizing my dreams.

I am deserving of everything I desire.

Whatever I believe and set my mind to, I can achieve.

My mind is powerful in attracting my desires into reality.

All my thoughts are bringing me closer to what I want.

My positive thoughts attract positive people and events into my life.

All of my dreams are easily manifesting into existence.

I am attracting abundance and prosperity in my life now.

I am attracting money and financial success in my life now.

I am attracting happiness and loving relationships in my life now.

I am attracting wonderful and exciting opportunities in my life now.

I am attracting great health and vitality in my life now.

I am attracting joy and laughter in my life now.

I am attracting peacefulness and serenity in my life now.

Manifesting my desires is natural and easy for me.

I am always open and ready to receive my desires.

I am a money magnet.

Abundance and prosperity are natural for me.

I attract wealth easily and effortlessly.

I have an abundance mindset.

My mind is filled with thoughts of everything bountiful and plenty.

Opportunities for abundance are always coming my way.

I am always open to receiving my abundance every day.

Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.

I love feeling limitless and free.

Unlimited wealth and abundance are flowing to me right now.

I attract profitable ideas and opportunities all around me.

I am tuned to the energy of wealth and success.

My beliefs about money serve me well.

Abundance is who I am.

I am deserving of having infinite wealth in my life.

I am enjoying my life of abundance now.

Prosperity is being powerfully drawn into my life.

I maintain an abundance mentality at all times.

I am open and receptive to all the wealth that is coming my way.

Abundance in all forms is constantly flowing into my life.

I am connected to the stream of abundance.

There is no end to the abundance that I can attract.

I am aligned with the energy of abundance in this Universe.

I am good with managing my money well.

I am very comfortable in handling large sums of money.

Money creates positive results in my life.

Money provides me with opportunities to create more and be more.

Money allows me to do more of the things I enjoy.

Money gives me comfort and pleasure.

Money and I are friends.

I have a healthy relationship with money.

I have empowering beliefs about money.

I am living a life of great success, fulfillment and abundance.

I am getting better and better every single day.

Everything that I need and want flows to me in abundance, and I am at peace.

Abundance and prosperity surround me at all times.

I am fully enjoying and appreciating all the good things in my life.

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Author's Bio: 

Iona Kristina is a passionate inspirational writer who shares tips and resources about law of attraction manifestation techniques at her website Manifesting Tools. Travelling, reading, and writing inspiring thoughts are what she enjoys doing. She also writes about quantum reality, metaphysics, and raising vibration to manifest your desires into reality. She believes that the greatest thing that can ever happen to you in this lifetime is to awaken to your own manifesting power within. Connect with her on Facebook at http://manifestingtools.com/fb