Not being able to conceive could be difficult for a couple, but knowing more about the matter could help you work out the problems. Let’s take an overview of the issues which could lead to male infertility.

Such causes could be environmental or even health concerns. At times, it is the lifestyle habits which are to blame. As an example, if one uses a laptop for too long, the heat could affect sperm quality. In the same way, while bicycling has its own advantages, prolonged bicycling could heat up the testicles and affect sperm quality.

Let run through some more factors which could cause infertility in men


As alcohol works towards reducing production of testosterone, it could affect one’s sperm count.


Being overweight also affects sperm count in men, because obesity leads to abnormal hormonal changes, and that could influence sperm quality.


Keeping one’s mobile phone in the pocket could lead to issues like infertility.


While a hot water bath helps you relax, it could damage sperms and cause infertility problems in men.


Tight clothing heats up the testicles, and could affect sperm count. Not going for tight jeans is a pretty viable option to build up fertility.


If you are required to sit for long hours in your office chair, blood supply to the pelvic cavity is affected. So this could affect the oxygenation of testicles. Resulting from the same, maturation would be affected and mobility would be reduced. So it is always recommendable to take short breaks from work and move around whenever you get a chance.


Consuming the right kind of a diet would again work towards ensuring a higher fertility. One’s diet influences the hypothalamus, which is a part of the brain, and the same influences the reproductive system.


Coffee, if consumed in excess could have a negative effect on one’s fertility. But otherwise it doesn’t cause a difficulty.


If one is required to stay up till late, it could affect one’s quality of sperms, and it could even cause one to gain weight. So if you need to watch your favorite TV show, a way of going about it is recording the show and watching it later.


Soy foods like soya beans are rich in proteins and provide us with energy to workout. But these reduce sperm count and it’s a great option to remove these from the menu.


Sweets, as a matter of fact could be bad for our fertility. We all celebrate the festive season with great joy and some sweets as well. But as the insulin levels are spiked in the bloodstream after having sweets, cortisol and adrenaline are released as well. This could cause a miscommunication with endocrine glands, resulting into infertility.

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