Double eyelid เปิดหางตา cutting has become a popular trend in modern society. Many beautiful women admire the beautiful big eyes of others, so they also want to do double eyelid surgery. But I am worried that the double eyelid surgery will affect the vision of the eyes. So, will double eyelid cutting affect the vision of the eyes?

Everyone undergoing surgery will have fears and worries like yours. In fact, double eyelid surgery and eye bag removal surgery will only cause a little pain during the anesthetic injection, but the anesthetic will work in less than a minute, and it can last for 2-4 hours. There is no pain during the operation. Complications may occur in every type of surgery, but as long as the doctors are well-trained, strive for perfection, and the active cooperation of those seeking beauty, they can generally be avoided.

Experts said that because double eyelid and eye bag removal are both extra-ocular surgeries, it does not damage the eyeballs and generally does not affect vision, but sometimes postoperative swelling, irritation, photophobia, tearing, and short-term blurred vision, But with the postoperative swelling, it will quickly return to normal.


Double eyelid surgery is suitable for the crowd:

  1. Single eyelid, incomplete double eyelid and loose upper eyelid skin, who actively require surgery.
  1. Adolescent females with thin eyelids and no bubbles can choose the embedding method; for other age groups, incision can be used, and part of the skin and orbital fat should be removed as appropriate.
  1. The inner canthal epidermis can be repaired at the same time. For myopia with mild exophthalmos, double eyelid surgery should be selected, and double eyelid incision should be done carefully.
  1. Those who are born with single eyelid and want to change into double eyelid.


The eyelids tend to be the most prominent area of the face where the first visible signs of aging occur. This is because the skin is very thin and the eyelids are functionally very exposed. With age, the elasticity of the skin is lost and excess skin is formed on the eyelids. They can also be affected by other factors such as heredity, skin type, lifestyle, allergies or kidney disease.

Each patient starts to have a problem at a different age, but in general, plastic eyelid surgery is most often requested by older women and men. An operation is not an exception, especially for girls under the age of thirty, who suffer, for example, from an undesirable hereditary disposition causing circles under the eyes. Eyelid surgery is usually performed on patients not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for functional reasons, when a person feels tired, suffers from eye pain, tearing and his vision is impaired or has a headache.

Because not all afflict both eyelids, eyelid surgery can be performed on the upper and lower eyelids separately. According to the agreement with the patient and the assessment of the condition of the tissues, the procedures can of course also be combined. Before proceeding with blepharoplasty itself, it is very important to consult a specialist who will perform eyelid surgery. Do not hesitate to arrange a consultation at our clinic!

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