There is no such formula for the overnight fame of any brand in the market. However, adopting a few tactics and tools can help them cast a lasting mark on the target audience. One such way is via custom rigid boxes, one of the stellar marketing tools for any brand.

As the name implies, rigid packaging boxes are famous for the exceptional levels of strength they offer to the product residing inside them. Especially in the case of heavy or fragile items, there is no better option than using custom rigid boxes. It’s time to ship your products to the customers in style. Most often, these types of boxes are used by brands to present their premium or luxury product range.

What Makes Custom Rigid Boxes So Resilient?

Any packaging is known for the material choices it uses in its composition. It is the founding material that decides the overall nature of these customized boxes, and how strong or durable they are going to be. There are several material options in the market. The most popular among them include cardboard, corrugated material, and Kraft.

Each of these options is distinctive in its own way, and offers a specific set of characteristics. For example, Kraft is known for its sustainable nature and cost-effectiveness. Whereas, cardboard is a strong material and corrugated material is used for packing heavy items due to the unrivaled strength it offers.

Custom rigid boxes are composed of thick paperboard that is firmly adhered via glue and further laminated to create a lasting impression on the target audience. The thick paperboard in its composition is the main reason why these boxes are so resilient. Other than their common name, these are also known as rigid luxury boxes or rigid setup boxes, offering immense benefits and endless marketing perks to all brands.

What do Rigid Packaging Boxes Look Like?

Rigid boxes are made up of a base and a lid, and they come with a choice of partial or full covering. This means the lid can either cover the base partially or fully. To enable an easy opening and closing, different closures or thumb notches can be added to these boxes. Other than this, to further amp up the overall exotic appeal of custom printed rigid boxes, brands can also consider adding several add-ons. A few of them include windows, die-cuts, handles, magnetic closures, etc.

The thick and robust paperboard in their composition helps to hold the entire box together perfectly. To render a perfect finish to the box, brands use a bunch of finish options. These might include UV spotting, foil stamping, lamination, etc. All such options help to offer a sleek and streak-free texture to these boxes.

Rigid boxes differ from other box types such as folding cartons and corrugated boxes in a manner that they cannot be folded like other boxes. Instead, they come in a ready-to-use condition and require no prior assemblage like all other packaging types. However, due to their non-collapsable nature, they take more space while shipping, thus costing more. Their advantages are pretty more, and brands get more value for their investment with these boxes.

Bringing Instant Fame to Brands

Rigid luxury boxes serve as a perfect branding tool. This eliminates the need for doing door-to-door or physical marketing. Brands simply need to put up their brand credentials on the prominent areas of these boxes, and customers will automatically notice these details when presented in an enticing manner. Find below some of the top perks of using these types of customized boxes for brands:

  • Using compostable material in their making, these boxes ensure minimal production of waste. Thus, the surroundings are not harmed and this gives the customers a strong impression of the brand’s green practices. Such brands become the center of attraction for eco-conscious customers, bringing more revenue and profitability.
  • These boxes act as a perfect storage for high-end items. Thus, customers can ship these products with ease and confidence to the target customers. This also results in exciting unboxing experiences and positive brand reviews from the customers. All of this is possible due to the premium quality paperboard that forms the foundation of these boxes.
  • Through customization, brands can tailor these boxes as per their specific theme and the interests of the target audience. They can craft them according to the product’s dimensions, and use the color scheme, printing, and finishing methods of their choice, to make their packaging distinctive as a whole.

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