WEO...Wellness with Essential Oils are custom blenders . We use pure Tamanu oil as a base for all our blends. Currently we offer Blend #2 for Psoriasis and other inflammatory skin conditions. This blend contains Tamanu oil, Rose essential oil and Roman Chamomile essential oil. The properties of this synergistic blend aid with inflammatory skin conditions. Blend #98 is a great facial moisturizer. This blend contains Tamanu oil,Geranium essential oil,Patchouli essential oil,and Myrhh essential oil. Your face will feel smooth and silky. Blend # 17 is for muscular pain. This blend contains Tamanu oil,Balsam Fir essential oil,Wintergreen essential oil,Peppermint essential oil and Marjoram essential oil.Pain is greatly reduced using this blend.

The beauty of these products is that they are completely natural and pure. They are blended in very small batches so it is like having an Aromatherapist custom blending for you.

Tamanu oil from Vanuatu is pure and has been lauded by Dr. Oz and Chris Kilham,the medicine hunter. Oprah presented both men on her program last year and they dedicated their segment to Tamanu oil and its healing properties. The list of uses is extensive, but skin conditions,moisturizing properties as well as easing muscular aches and pains led us to formulate our three most popular blends.

We hope to bring you an article a week with details on the properties of the pure essential oils we add to our Tamanu blends. Discussing properties , uses and reasons why we choose what we choose to blend.

Hopefully we will see you here next week. Thank you for reading.

Yosilda Suarez

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