I posted a procrastination “cure” weeks ago but not everyone has read it yet. . . .

One of my favorite books is the Tao Te Ching. Chapter 63 reads:

The difficult tasks of the world

Must be handled through the simple tasks.

The large tasks of the world

Must be handled through the small tasks.

These two sentences provide the “cure” for procrastination. Of the many tasks on your “To Do” list, what is the smallest of them all? What is the easiest to complete? They are typically the same answer to both of these questions. Nothing small? Then take a task and divide it into one-fourths and start with one of these quarter slices.

What did you notice? For most, the “difficult” or “impossible” task was in fact, quite easy. The best part of it all (aside from the actual completion of said task) is that you have overcome the greatest difficulty to achieving — inertia. The body at rest is now the body in motion. Now you feel good and have the road map to the land of Feeling Great.

This great feeling now takes on a life of its own. The seed that was planted is now beginning to germinate.

Go outside and look at a tree. Really look at one. You may notice that it is not just a tree, it is a home for birds, squirrels and a host of insects. It is food for a variety of wildlife and it is a source of shade for 2 and 4 legged creatures alike. It is a birthplace for our winged friends. A tree is often a featured star for painters and poets alike. It is never just a tree.

When you “cure” procrastination, like a tree, you are not just affecting yourself. You setting in motion untold events which may have far-reaching impact on untold numbers of people.

Sounds like a good reason to start.


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Dr. David Orman is the creator of Hgh Plus, the country's foremost anti aging formula. He is also the author of 2 books and can be reached at www.hghplus.net or DocWellness.wordpress.com