Crystals are the very soul of the earth and as such have been used in sacred ceremony since man first walked the earth. Nearly every indigenous culture has harnessed the power of crystals for healing and for various forms of divination. Crystals have been powerful healers, balancers, counselors, and record keepers, and continue to be today. Quartz crystals are piezoelectric, which means they generate an electrical charge and exterior energy field which is why they are used today in computers, watches, and ultrasound machines to name just a few uses. There is very real science to back the shamans choices and practices in healing.

All crystals have unique structures and because of this they have a wide range in their abilities to generate various energy fields and vibrations. People who are naturally sensitive to energy can perceive these vibrations by simply being near them. One can also develop this sense. This lends itself to explaining the magical qualities of crystals and how it affects some people much quicker or stronger than others. However, as a rule, crystals usually work by subtle energy and therefore are very gentle in their work.

Today crystals are used in many of the same ways as they have been for centuries. They are used in healing grids, they are imprinted with healing intentions and are given to the person needing healing to be kept with them. This resonate energy of the crystal and the intention mix with the persons energy field and create subtle changes for healing. They are used as crystal elixirs where the energy from the crystal is imprinted into water and then it is drank. They are used to amplify prayers, meditation, and to aid people in the release of addictions, trauma, and depression. This in no way is suppose to be a replacement for competent medical care in serious situations, but as an added aid in the healing process. I believe very much in integrated healing and in giving your body, mind, and soul all the help you can get to accelerate the healing process.

If you have never worked with crystals before then I suggest starting with 2 easy to find and very gentle crystals, rose quartz and amethyst. These can be found at almost all metaphysical stores. Rose quartz is a soft pink crystal that is very gentle in it’s vibrations and is used to heal all ailments related to the heart, whether it’s the physical heart, emotional, or spiritual heart. Children especially love this crystal I believe because of it’s very gentle soothing vibrations. The other crystal to begin with is amethyst. Amethyst is a protective stone and is used to increase intuition, for spiritual protection, to help release physical and mental addictions, and to aid brain imbalances.

The more that you work with crystals the more you will become accustomed to their energies and how they each work. Along the journey it’s not uncommon to become friends with these very powerful healers from the earth. They are truly wonderful allies and counselors.

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Rev. Bridgette Short, N.D.

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