First, the spiritual and intellectual problems:
It is not easy for modern parents, social habits can not be an easy change when it lasts a long time, gave birth to a healthy and lively children, has become a dream of opportunity which cannot be pursued. In the past two years, I continued to encounter parents worry about for the children's problems, Gradually, I shocked to find that, If the child is a continuation of their own words, then the extension is not very good. There are many problems with the next generation of spiritual and intellectual, can not grow normally. Why genetic error, in religion, this is the karma’s cause, at scientific point of view, The whole way of life is a problem, too much refined food, drugs given out too freely, too much social pressure, bad air, appliances emit harmful rays, and so rich.,Etc. To solve the problem is not easy, the situation is equivalent to another industrial revolution.
To ourselves and the next generation, we have reason to support the Green Power, however, before the trend shifts, How do we solve this problem?
I met not less than fifty parents, they tell the same distress: children inattentive, lower learning ability, language barriers, some have been identified with mild autism. They heard that Crystal can help mental and spiritual development, came to for help. My answer is: crystal have the capability, however, change a life is the whole environment thing, if life style does not review, even if the whole house filled with crystal does not help.
Second, make the child healthy and active Amber:
My friend came back from Germany finished jewelry exhibition, told me her knowledge, she said, Amber popular in Europe, Many modern parents like wearing amber head chains. For the newborn baby. Experts there said to her, Amber could steady the nerves, to strengthen the role of infant immune, Amber is natural fossil resin, Even if be swallowed there will not stomach condensate.
My friend, just a businessman, feels a bit weird when he heard, why scientific advances of West Germany believe this old trick. Came back, she did it, For their two year-old daughter wear one.
The friend asks me: Amber really the purpose?My answer is, In fact, many crystals are good for babies or children, Amber is popular in Europe based on the historical background, and the amber itself the kind of moderate, never harm power. Amber has been a popular at Greece time, in that time, the early maritime activities of the Greeks, is to bring amber back from the Baltic. The Romans believed that amber has an unusual medical role, can be used as a tranquilizer for pain, high-quality amber in the warm palm of your hand will issue favorite flavor.
Amber is not a mineral but organic matter. It is the resin of ancient trees Petrochemical. Because it is not minerals but organic matter, Amber's hardness is only 2 to 2.5 degrees, Contents of a large number of air, corresponding to this unique feature, Amber's role are different from the other crystal, It has powerful functions to absorb the negative energy, including absorbing the pain, absorb the bad energy and emotions over the frequency response of law. Amber has the calm frightened (Traditional Chinese Medicine also says), Analgesic and to enhance the ability of the immune system. Amber as jade, energy radiation is not strong, help balance, But short on inspiration. For the lively and health children, they are very good protection stone, But for those generations who need to use crystal energy to stimulate the mental development, they too lack.
Third, develop the brain of cosmic rays:
The body is a small universe, this small universe constituted by the different energy levels, energy in the earth to format the first time of expression is light, dominate the minds of the universe just three light white, purple, blue. If the combination of these three energy shortages, will form Vortex of negative energy, thus, there was a genetic problem, Intellectual, spiritual, facial dysfunction.
When energy into the material, all a foregone conclusion, the lament of the fate arisen. Modern advancements in medical science, but when dealing with genetic problems is very failure, due of the intangible rule tangible, is not a symptomatic drug.
In this regard, how did the role of crystal?
We know that the crystal itself has different levels of vibration, the most common clear crystal, flow in the body, Natural develop the Sahasrara Chakra, Sahasrara Chakra is the brain locate. This place is like a micro disorder and mental retardation autism. Amethyst vibration frequency law, flow in the human body, Came to the Ajna Chakra, eyebrow is the hub of the nervous system and the cerebellum, this place disorder, maybe lack of concentration, bulk temperature and low learning ability. By the same token, blue crystal stone, like leatherette and water sapphire, when put it close to the body, they will naturally develop Vishuddhi Chakra, restore the original language function.
Crystal makes us smarter, Thinking more clearly, brains move faster! If you doubt these words, I can find more than ten professional social elite to testify, they are intellectuals, they are skeptical before play crystal, three months later all agree, crystal made them more agile and thinking smarter.
Fourth, there are no treatment side effects:
Adults know how to use the crystal, children lack this ability, what can we do?
Generally speaking, I told others decorate their home with proper amount of crystal cluster, use different vibration of the crystal, Stimulate brain development. Have to talk with the skills, Sometimes children will headache or discomfort caused by excessive irritation.
If you do not transform from the environment, You can also use the seven crystal arrays to create an ideal gas field, Method is simple, equal volumes of the six blocks of the crystal placed around the bed, The last one on the center of the bed, all messages advance input.
Crystal therapy is part of the so-called shock therapy, as a natural therapy, no drugs, no side effects. If you have a sense of despair for drug treatment, then may wish to consider such medication. My only advice is, before your crystal treatment, you should pay the time, Understanding of relevant knowledge.
Or, set a good example, first self start.

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My name is James, Engaged Energy Stone Healing for five years, Proficient in the classification of various energy stone, Physical therapy effect, etc. In this process, Energy stone in my heart is getting heavier and heavier weight, and I get more and more profound understanding of them. Like love flowers,Love the energy stone; Like play with seawater, play with energy stone; Like a friend, contact with energy stone, Because, We are all part of the Earth, Mutual understanding, Mutual sharing, Their Energy arises spontaneously. I hope to share all of what I learned from energy stone.

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