Right from Amethyst to Turquoise, here’s a mini-guide to crystals for beginners. Understand their colors and how they are used in crystal therapy.

Crystal Healing For Beginners

Let's look at the common crystals you'd want to know about as you enter into the realm of crystal healing. We've alphabetically arranged them for your convenience:


When you're looking to build spiritual awareness and develop intuition, this serene yet royal purple-colored crystal becomes your go-to. Use it during meditations to calm your mind.


Crystal healing therapy includes this bright reddish-orange crystal to aid your digestion, enhance creativity, and unite you with your past experiences.


When manifesting abundance, use this naturally golden crystal. Invite abundance in self-esteem, success, health (liver, kidney, ad muscles), and wealth.

Clear Quartz

One of the most commonly used crystals for beginners. It is a healing stone that can be used however you require it.


Use this bright red colored crystal to improve your health, prevent nightmares, and enhance creativity.


A primary ore of iron, use this stone for grounding and protection. Close your aura as you shut yourself from negative energy.


Ambitious? Use this green crystal as you channel your energy working towards your goal.

Lapis Lazuli

This brilliant blue stone helps you focus, amplify your thoughts, relieve sadness, and have more focused meditations.


Many crystal healing therapies use this marbled green crystal to help release stored emotions as you channel your thoughts inwards.


Many spiritual healing courses online encourage using this pearly-white crystal to soothe your emotions and encourage harmony and peace.


Crystal healers use this jet black crystal as a protection stone.


One of the most colorful crystals; enhance your creativity and experiences using opal.


Also known as the fools gold, crystal healing therapy includes pyrite to improve protection and defense.

Rose Quartz

The infamous pink crystal is synonymous with love, romance, and friendships. Spiritual healing courses online encourage using this stone to nurture, comfort, and diffuse anger.

Smoky Quartz

When you decide to research crystal healing for beginners, you'll find claims on how this cloudy crystal excites your survival instincts and improves your focus.

Tiger's Eye

Crystal healing therapy includes the amber-colored crystal to improve stability, increase power, and promote more integrity.


This blue crystal speckled with brown minerals is said to guard against environmental pollutions and diseases.

Which crystal did you want to immediately own?

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